Want to know a bit more about the people in our sign shop and the printing services they’ll be performing? Read on…

Randy, Owner

“After my wife Barb and I did some extended road trips for a couple of years in a row, I decided Fort Collins is one of the best places to live, and own a business”. “I wasn’t convinced before that…now I am”. When not navigating his team he can generally be found cycling on his road bike or enjoying old town Fort Collins.

3 things I am positive of:

1. Trains do not add character to Fort Collins…
2. Riding a bike is good for the soul…
3. Action Signs is…….. a•maz•ing /əˈmāziNG/
Adjective: Causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. Startlingly impressive.
Synonyms: astonishing – astounding – wonderful – surprising

Jared, Manager

jaredJared came from a musically oriented — check that — a musically fanatical family in Cheyenne, Wyoming. When he wasn’t being reprimanded in school for speaking out of turn, he was honing his musical & artistic skills. Who knew that years later these skills would help him on his quest for world domination through subliminal messages in the custom signs that he makes? When he is not working, you may find him jamming out on his drum set.
3 things that Jared is positive of:
1: Broccoli should never be juiced.
2: Winter is too cold.
3: Action Signs rocks harder than any other sign company in the world.

Isaac, Graphic Designer


Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.    Erich Fromm

Hailing from the busy streets southern California, I have decided to pursue my creative interests in this wonderous and heavenly domicile of titan mountains and lush green foliage that is Northern Colorado. I have not looked back.

Matt, Sales

mattRaised on the hard-knock streets of FtC, I am now forever in love with my gorgeous wife and three beautiful daughters. I enjoy people, sports, travel, and good food and drink.

Bri, Print Production

Seph, Head Installer

zach9Camping, hiking, mountain biking, music, sports, traveling, being around good people are some of things I enjoy to pass the time. When I don’t have free time, I am doing school work, sleeping, or I am at a great place to work. I am from Fort Collins and have spent most of my life here, and think it is one of the best places to live.

Ryan, Production

ryanINTJ, A-, Gemini,
I seem to always have the arts around me. I like people for their inspiration that creates our world.
Promotional media has given me a carrier. I enjoy the process of shaping substrates from start to finish.
(< Three things I’m sure exists but are not real are: money, time, and the internet. For sure, I know that Action Signs is real 😉 >)

Charles, Production