Here at our sign shop, we talk a lot about signs and banners. We’ve often written blogs comparing outdoor signs to banners, about which one is better than the other and why. There’s no doubt that we believe in the importance of outdoor business signs and what they can do for your business, but there are times when banners are the better choice. Why? One word: versatility.

Banners are one of the versatile types of advertising signs you can order from your local sign shop, and one we’re happy to provide. Here are some of the biggest advantages you can get when you choose to get the best banners from Action Signs.

Banners Can Be All Sizes

The first versatile checkbox that banners satisfy is that they can be of just about any size. When most people hear “banner,” they probably think about one that’s about 8 feet wide and 2 feet tall that hangs over the doorway and announces the opening of a business. But banners can be huge, sometimes as big as a billboard. They can also be relatively small, such as those you’ll find on lamp posts.

Banners Can Be Indoors and Out

Here’s another great way that banners can be versatile: they can be displayed indoors or out. Banners grab attention wherever they are. Outdoor banners will catch the breeze and flap around, drawing the attention of walkers and drivers. Indoor banners can grab attention because people aren’t usually expecting to see anything hanging from the ceiling.

Now we’re not saying that every banner that’s designed to go outside can be just as productive inside. In general, each banner should be designed for a particular space and for a specific purpose. Outdoor banners draw people in, while indoor banners convey information…which just further proves their versatility!

Banners Don’t Have To Be Hung

Overhead banners, such as those hung from a strip mall awning or inside a building, are the most common types. But it’s important to remember that banners can be so much more, making them even more versatile.

Outdoor stand-up banners, also known as feather flags, are becoming more and more popular as stores vie for attention. These flags can stand up with the help of a tripod or be driven into the ground, and can advertise everything from a car sale to the opening of a new business.

Another type of stand-up banner is the trade show banner. These banners, easy to set up and around 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, are a great way to draw eyes at a trade show. They might be the only type of dressing for a table, or they could be part of a much larger setup.

Banners Can Be Vertical Or Horizontal

We’ve already touched on this by describing feather flags, but it’s important to remember that banners don’t have to be limited by how most people traditionally think of them. Sure, most banners are horizontal, but why not draw even more attention by making them vertical? Maybe they are hung vertically and attach to the support columns of a building, or are hung from high above to draw attention.

Banners Can Be Up For A Week Or A Year

One great aspect about banners is that they come in a variety of qualities. If you need one that’s only going to be used for a week in order to promote a particular sale, then you really don’t need it to hold up to a year’s worth of weather. On the other hand, some banners need to hold up to Colorado weather for quite a long time, so you’ll want to make sure to buy the best banner you can afford.

They Can Be Inexpensive or Not-So-Inexpensive

Because banners are used for such a variety of purposes — again, they’re very versatile — you don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg for them. You can buy the latest, top-of-the-line printed banners that are four-color and flashy, or you can pick a single color on white stock. You’ve really got quite a few choices when it comes to both indoor and outdoor banners!