We’ve been talking about commercial decorative film quite a lot lately. We discussed the many ways in which decorative window film has really come into its own due to their large size, colorful images, ease of installation, and resistance to tearing. It’s simply a much better product than what you’d find just a decade ago.

It’s good to know that the film you purchase is going to hold up and get attention, but it’s also important to discuss why you should be using specialty decorative window films in the first place. Here are some of the most common ways that these professional window clings can help your Northern Colorado business.

Identify Your Business

Perhaps the most common use for commercial window films is as identification for your business. The professional window films shown in this image play a huge part in telling potential customers about the business. All of these stickers:

  • Identify the business with a colorful cling
  • Convey the website
  • Tell the customer the company’s slogan
  • Tell the customer about the services offered
  • Gives a phone number
  • Contain the suite number
  • Display hours of operation

It’s important to note that not every commercial window sticker project is going to need all of this information. But it’s equally important to tell you that it can have this information if your front windows are a primary information source for customers. It certainly beats having a hodgepodge of window clings, cardboard signs, plastic hours-of-operation signs, etc.

These window films also tell people that they are in the right place and have found the right door. While this isn’t such a big deal in a standalone building with its own parking lot, it is a big deal when someone is walking under a strip mall’s awning and can no longer see the outdoor lighted signs up above. Decorative glass film can make sure that customers are grabbing your door handle instead of mistakenly walking into the nail salon or the laundromat.

Window Films Work As Wayfinding Signs

If you have multiple entrances to your building, it’s unlikely that all of them are meant for customers. Some are meant just for employees, some are meant for deliveries, and one of your doors out front might be locked in order to focus traffic past the counter and deter theft.

A typed-up sign that says “Please Use Other Door” could work, but it also looks like an afterthought. Plus, any sign that comes out of an office printer definitely has a temporary feel about it, and you don’t want your customers to think that your business is temporary! A professional window film can guide customers to your preferred door and look good at the same time.

Make Your Business More Inviting

When you have specialty decorative window films installed, you’re making your business more inviting. It simply makes your business look better, and it gives it a more professional look. Window images such as this one show off not only what the company does but also draws the eye and invites them in.


Businesses we work with sometimes leave their decorative glass film on for years. But not all window film has to be up for so long. Because the price of commercial decorative window film has gotten so reasonable, they will treat it as a temporary way to advertise short-term sales. Take a look at this sign, for instance. That “Now Open” sign isn’t going to be there for long, but it’s still something that’s important to relay to potential customers. That particular sign could come down in three months and be replaced by something more permanent, but it’s just as likely to be replaced with a  “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free” window cling.

Use Them Inside

When most businesses think of decorative window film, whether it’s to make the storefront look more inviting or to advertise a sale, they are very focused on the outside-facing windows. And to be honest, that certainly makes the most sense. But that doesn’t mean that any windows inside should be ignored.

What kind of internal windows are we talking about? Many offices have windows that separate an office from the lobby, or glass panels that denote a conference room or separate spaces in some way. Even the windows that are in some cubicles can make use of decorative window film.

Not every business in Northern Colorado has internal windows, but don’t let that stop you from getting your message out to customers when they’re in the shop. That’s where wall wraps and door wraps come in. These wraps work in much the same way as window wraps and can turn just about any surface into a sign, decoration, or advertising space!

Let Us Show You What Decorative Window Film Can Do!

Window film can really make your business look good on the inside and out. Take a look at more samples of our work here, and then imagine what we can do for your business. Contact us when you’re ready to make your business in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, or Greeley look its best!