If you’ve ever found a broken window when you open up for business the next morning, it can be a gut-churning experience. Why is the window broken? Is anything missing from inside? Who’s going to clean up this glass? How much of my day is going to be taken up with this problem?

Security window film is designed to fix all of those problems associated with those questions. It’s a thin plastic film that covers a window and makes it incredibly difficult to break, because this polyester film is bonded to the glass using strong adhesives. While the glass itself might break if it absorbs a great impact, it will stay in place so that no one can get in or get injured by the shards. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that arise with windows that don’t have commercial security film and how security film can fix them.


When most people see a broken window of an office, the first thought that comes to mind is that someone broke in. It’s a serious concern, because it’s not just the computers that are expensive to replace; its the information on them that could cause a company irreparable harm. You don’t only have to file for a broken window, but you could be in trouble with government agencies if you house a client’s private information.

Retail storefronts are also very vulnerable, as simple smash-and-grab jobs can net a crook thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. The situation gets even scarier when they’re trying to break into a place that sells firearms or pharmaceuticals, as this puts dangerous items and substances into the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Want to see how security window film can prevent this from happening? Take a look at this video showing two men trying to break into an Alabama pharmacy that had security film coatings applied. They give up after just a few seconds because they realize it’s a lost cause.


What is it about human nature that we get a high from seeing things destroyed? Whether it’s throwing a snowball at icicles or watching the tower tumble when playing Jenga, there’s something satisfying about helping entropy along. (Need further proof? Think about the massive popularity of the game Angry Birds, which is all about knocking things down.)

Unfortunately, some people take that desire too far and start vandalizing things in the real world. The most common targets are windows, because a small object thrown through one can create massive damage and delivers a satisfyingly-destructive sound to boot. Sure, you could choose security glass, but it’s considerably more expensive and has to be custom-made for the size of your windows. Security films can be applied to any window and will substantially increase its strength.


Accidents happen. Employees can tip over filing cabinets that are too close to the windows, or one might kick back their chair from a desk and sail right into a window. Maybe they’re having a Nerf gun fight, and while no window is going to break from a Nerf dart, some definitely will if someone trips during the battle and goes sailing through it. In such a case, it’s not the damage to the window that you have to worry about; it the injuries that the employee might receive. Ramming through a floor-to-ceiling window can kill someone as the glass shatters and creates deadly falling shards.

What can prevent such dangers? Security window film. Not only can it prevent the window from breaking in the first place, but it will keep all of the window pieces together in the event that it does break. All of the glass will stay where it is, ensuring that no one is injured as the pieces of glass fall.

Blast Hazards

This might be an overly-obvious statement, but we’re going to say it anyway: We’re fortunate that we don’t live in a war zone. While Fort Collins was indeed named for the fort that once existed here, there hasn’t been much in the way of war in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, or Cheyenne beyond high school rivalries. We don’t need much security film to protect us from rocket or IED blasts.

Still, explosions do happen. With most of the Front Range using natural gas to heat homes and businesses, there are bound to be explosions from time to time. An explosion at the corner of Harmony and Ziegler launched a manhole cover into a passing car just last December.

Are you likely to need security window film to protect you from an explosion? Probably not. But it’s a nice little bonus if you get it to protect against vandalism or break-ins.

Nature Damage

In addition to the lack of wars that Northern Colorado experiences, we also live in a place that’s relatively free from natural disasters. We’re too far away from any coast to have to deal with hurricanes or tsunamis, and earthquakes are rare. When a relatively small 5.3 earthquake near Trinidad seven year ago makes news, you know we don’t have much to fear. Sure, we have avalanches (not a big deal if your office isn’t in the mountains) and the occasional flood, Colorado is still pretty safe.

But there are the occasional times that security film is going to protect you from nature. The tornado that hit Windsor in 2008 is a good example. With flying debris being one of the biggest dangers during a tornado, a window staying in place instead of being part of the problem can be a big deal. Security glass can also keep glass intact if a tree falls on your property and causes a branch to (attempt to) break through a window. And while most birds don’t have the weight to break through a window, big ones can break windows if they hit them going too fast. Security window film is going to prevent the glass from breaking.

Is Security Window Film For Your Business?

The fact is, security film is so affordable that every business can benefit from the peace of mind it gives. Whether you’re protecting merchandise, information, or employees, our commercial film covering will be there to make sure the glass breaks as little as possible. And if an impact is so great that it does break, it’s still going to keep all of the shards contained and prevent anyone from gaining entry into the building. You can read more about our window films right here, and if you have any questions we’d love to talk with you about what these types of security films can do for you. Contact Action Signs today!