In our previous articles, we’ve discussed some of the more practical reasons that you might choose to use commercial window films. Most businesses choose to use them to alter the light coming into the building. They’re either interested in using solar film in order to cut the amount of light that’s coming in (knocking down the temperature of the building at the same time) or using UV window film in order to protect both the employees and furnishing from the dangers of workday-long UV radiation. Other businesses are more interested in security window film, a polyester film that’s bonded to glass in order to make it nearly impossible to get through. Security film not only prevents illegal ingress to a building, but also keeps glass in place so that it doesn’t shatter and hurt those around it.

But both are those are so incredibly practical. Now it’s time to take a look at something that’s both practical and fun: decorative window films for Northern Colorado business. Here are some of the great advantages that you can find with customized and frosted films.

Elevate Your Interior Design

This is the decorative aspect of decorative window films. Window films are an excellent way to take any glass in your space to the next level, whether it’s the windows letting in light from outdoors or glass panels that are part of conference rooms. It’s a style of decorating that will take your glass from a boring surface to custom works of art.

The commercial window films we offer are so much more just your standard window clings you might get at Hobby Lobby; these are going to last for years and look like they’re part of the glass itself. In fact, it’s a great way to mimic specialty glass, turning the most basic panes into works of art. Want to give your glass an etched look? Interested in adding color that makes viewers wonder “how did they do that?” Decorative films can make glass look ancient or give it a futuristic look, and we’d love to show you what it can do for you.

Change Designs Easily

Of course, design is always changing, so you might want to alter the look of your business or office. If you initially chose etched glass or other sort of specialty glass, it’s going to be a big process changing it. You’ll need to get new glass created (an expensive process in and of itself), have the old glass removed (again, expensive), and have the new glass installed. (Expensive? Yes.) This process will take a lot of effort, a lot of time, and will be noisy and messy.

Instead of switching out that specialty glass, it would be a lot easier to simply choose a decorative film for your office windows or interior glass partitions. When you tire of a particular design, all you have to do is have us remove the window film and install your new design. This is especially useful for a company that changes their logo or their slogan relatively often. When you need to change designs, you’re not married to the look on the glass and can switch it out easily.

Make Unique Spaces

While decorative film sheets make an excellent way to decorate your exterior windows in order to advertise your business or catch the eyes of passersby, many offices of today have a lot of interior glass that could use a bit of decoration. For instance, having multiple conference rooms can be great, but telling people which one to meet in can be a task. You could name them  Conference Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. But wouldn’t it be nicer to decorate each one with a unique Colorado attraction by adding some decorative films to the mix? If you’d like to discuss it, we’ll meet you in Conference Room Poudre.

Provide Privacy

Sometimes you still want light to get to a space but also give it a bit more privacy. While it’s a good idea to have as much transparent space as possible in an office to avoid any legal problems, there are times when someone is going to want a nice band of frosted window film across their office window in order to block the view of people constantly walking by on their way to the coffee machine. While their office might still have the “open” feel to it, sometimes it’s a good idea to prevent people from casually looking into an office and interrupting anyone who might be in there.

Filter the Light

There are times when someone in an office is simply very sensitive to light, and they would happily work in an interior room with no natural light if they had their choice. Even solar film isn’t enough for them, as the sun still blares into their east-facing office at 7:00 am.

That’s where frosted window films come in. Some of these films can not only knock the light down but also dissipate it so that it gives even light throughout the room. We bet we can find the perfect frosted film that will filter the light just the way you want it. They can even help change the color of a room if you’re interested.

Hide What You Don’t Want To See

There are just some sights you don’t want to see. Take that ugly alley that’s out back of the office; you don’t want to be looking out at the back of a battered garage and the people who are constantly going in and out all day. Still, you want the light that the window provides, as well as the warmth that it gives on a cold winter day.

Of course, you might also be interested in the privacy that frosted glass can provide so that others aren’t looking in. You don’t need Car Mechanic #1 and Car Mechanic #2 walking by and glancing into your office every time they use the garage. So whether you’re not interested in looking out or you’re not interested in others looking in, frosted window film can give you the light you want while giving you the privacy you need.

Let’s Address The Safety Issue

The security film and UV window film we’ve discussed in the past have both been largely about safety features. But there’s also an important safety feature that can come with decorative glass film as well: protecting people’s noses. The fact is, a lot of interior glass, like those panes that are put up to create conference rooms, are so clear that they can create safety hazards as people are walking along and bump into them. Decorative films on the glass can give people “floating” delineations as to where the hallway ends and the conference room begins, especially if you have people walking around the office staring down at a cell phone. Which is most people, honestly!

Ready To Make Your Business Look Great?

Whether you have an office or a storefront, decorative window films are incredibly versatile in what they can do for your space. We’d love to show you the many options that are available with window films, so contact Action Signs today!