One of the newest additions we offer at our sign shop is the application of commercial window films, those sheets of plastic that go over windows in order to…well, what do they do? Most people who see us installing the film sheets might not know exactly what the end-game is. They might be able to guess one reason that the film is going on, but they may very well be wrong! Let’s take a look at the most popular uses of commercial window film in Fort Collins.

Heat Knock-Down

Perhaps the most common reason that people get window film is to knock down the sunlight that’s entering a certain room in the building. Sunlight streaming into a room can be nice for a short amount of time, but after a while the room gets too hot and everyone wants to avoid it. That one room can alter the way the thermostat works, and as the thermostat reacts it can over-cool the rest of the building.

“What about during winter, though? I don’t want to take the film off the windows every winter?” Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Even if the commercial window film takes the sunlight down a couple of notches, the amount of heat and light it still lets in can still help to warm the building. Again, think of an unfiltered room affecting the thermostat. If it’s too hot in there, then the rest of the building will not give enough heat to the rest of the building because the thermostat thinks it’s warm enough.

In short, what solar window film does is prevent extremes in the building. When more rooms start from a standard temperature, the building’s HVAC system doesn’t get fooled so easily and over- or undercompensate.

Glare Reduction

People wear sunglasses for a reason. We simply don’t like the sun to be too bright, and glare can cause everything from mild annoyance to extreme headaches. When you knock down the glare, your employees will feel much better and distracted a lot less.

UV Protection

Another important role of commercial window film is to cut down on the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is a part of sunlight. UV window film can block a great deal of the UV radiation coming in and protect the skin of employees and customers. It can also protect the carpeting and furniture in the building, as UV breaks down fabrics, plastics, wood.

UV window film is also very important to shop owners who have window displays. You might not think that a month in a window would damage items, but clothing and paper are very susceptible. White clothing is perhaps the most susceptible; if you own a bridal shop, this window film should be at the top of your list!

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Window film can be an incredibly useful tool for your business, helping with your energy bills and making employees happier and healthier. It can also protect everything and everyone in your office from the harmful UV radiation in sunlight. Contact Action Signs today!