Mall at Christmas Time

Season’s greetings!

None of us can avoid the impending build-up of energy that is the holiday season. No matter how much we prepare, we inevitably get swept up in the hurly-burly of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and end-of-the-year business demands. With the convenience of online shopping, there is an ever-increasing trend for people to avoid the crowds and accomplish their Christmas shopping entirely from the comfort of their homes.

If the holidays are a lucrative time of year for your company, marketing yourself is crucial in securing a prosperous conclusion to your year’s business revenue. One of the easiest ways to encourage an increase in foot-traffic at your establishment is through the simple act of decorating for the holidays. It may seem juvenile to some, but studies have shown that holiday decorations can dramatically improve the likelihood of shoppers spending money at your business.

If your business is in the Fort Collins area, and you’re wanting to spruce up your storefront for the holiday season, Action Signs and Banners can provide a custom sign befitting the holiday display that reflects your company’s identity. Outlined below is a comprehensive list of how custom signs and seasonal decorations can benefit your enterprise.

What Studies Show

On the surface, it may seem that a holiday-themed display would hold little sway on whether or not customers choose your business over another, especially when considering their desire to escape the seasonal frenzy as quickly as possible.

Certainly, there are people are ready to kick up a fuss the moment festivities begin. Radio stations play Christmas standards. Advent greenery and twinkle lights adorn storefronts. Holiday-themed merchandise lines shelves well before Halloween even rolls around. Moan as they might, statistics on holiday spending tell a different tale about people’s shopping habits.

Most are trained from a young age to embrace the holiday spirit and partake in the gaiety of the season. So, when given the choice between a store that’s joined the jollity of the occasion and one that hasn’t bothered to participate, what do you think most end up going with? Customers are more likely to enter a store with decorations than one without. Something in the way that holiday decorations make shoppers feel warm and comforted as if visiting the home of a loved one, welcomes them inside to look around.

What’s more is that, after crossing the threshold, these shoppers are more likely to buy. According to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, during this time of year, retailers can make up to 30% of their entire annual income. “In addition,” they claim, “holiday sales can be more profitable because the increased volume of purchases comes without significantly increasing retailers’ fixed costs of doing business.”

Profit-growth during the holiday shopping period is too impressive to ignore. To allow any opportunity for increased sales slip by would prove foolhardy. Industries have been built and wrecked due to this time of year. If doing something as simple as redecoration could increase your business’s chances of a successful fiscal year, it would be worth the effort.

Start with a custom sign that spreads the Christmas cheer. Add in some lights and garland, and before you know it, you have the workings of a powerful marketing tool, tailored to the holiday shopping season.

Capture the attention of holiday shoppers with the help of Actions Signs and Banners in Fort Collins. Creative work is what we do, so no project is too big or small for us to do our best job.

Businesses That Benefit

While retailers make markedly more over the holidays, they are not the only types of businesses that can flourish from it. Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments may see increases in their bottom lines and, believe it or not, benefit by marketing to the holiday season.

Picture yourself entering a restaurant that has specially designed their dining room for Christmastime. Highly likely, a large portion of patrons decorated their houses, so entering the restaurant merely feels like an extension of home. A custom sign could portray a smorgasbord of Christmas treats that Santa is sneaking food from, or it could be something as simple as “Carona’s Bar & Grille Wishes You a Happy Holiday!” Simple gestures are sometimes all it takes for those in your neighborhood to take notice of your establishment’s presence among the holiday merriment.

Likewise, a hotel lobby exhibiting a Christmas tree in full regalia will give off a sense of majesty that enchants guests the moment they step foot inside. Out front, lights trail along the entrance’s veranda and a custom sign reads, “Welcome to The Victorian, and Have a Merry Christmas!”

The possibilities are not limited to any field. Even offices without outside visitors will notice improvements from having decorations up for the holidays. It raises employee morale which, in turn, improves company performance. All in all, there really aren’t any reasons to avoid it. If nothing else, a custom sign made reminding your staff and customers how much you value them during the holidays will go along way. Even the smallest efforts can be appreciated.

Connection & Community

Eye-catching displays receive the most adoration through word of mouth, especially in the viral universe of social media. Storefront displays allow for anyone to photograph and advertise your business online within a matter of moments. Above-and-beyond presentations that convey a meaningful message or represent the community they belong to will often be covered by the local media. Free advertising like this encourages locals to visit and generating attention only works in your favor.

Should your holiday display become “the talk of the town,” it is key to have a custom sign that not only ties everything together but identifies your business as the store that everyone has been eager to visit. Increase your company’s social awareness by emblazoning its name across a storefront display this holiday season. Call Action Signs and Banners. Since 2003, we have built expertise in crafting custom signs for commercial purposes in the Fort Collins area.