When it comes to signs, there’s no doubt that many companies focus on their exterior business sign. After all, you want to draw people in, whether they’re just passing by or have an appointment and need to find you. You certainly don’t want to skimp on your outdoor signs and banners.

But it’s important to remember just how important an interior sign is. Let’s take a look at why you’ll want to spend the right amount of your marketing budget getting an excellent sign for the inside of your business.

Corporate Signs Can Really Impress

When you get an impressive sign that really looks good, customers will notice. This is especially true of service businesses, where a customer might be standing at a counter or stuck in a waiting room. For the same reason hospitals build large, impressive buildings, a large, impressive sign tells a customer that they are in a place that is state-of-the-art and reliable.

Action Signs works in a wide variety of materials to get you a sign that will work perfectly for your business. Whether you need a custom aluminum sign that’s been perfectly cut into the shape of your logo or a lighted sign that glows all day long, we can help you create something that customers will love. And because it’s indoors, you don’t have to worry about the elements wearing on it, which allows for the use of materials that wouldn’t work outside.

Think of all the places people see your logo. They might view it on a website or a pamphlet, but that’s pretty small. Your outdoor signage might be your largest sign, but they’re often far away from that. An indoor business sign is an excellent way to put your logo and company name right in a customer’s face. And speaking of where people see your logo…

Indoor Signs Tie Everything Together

Like we said, people might be seeing your logo many times before they step into your business. Flyers, websites, ads, vehicle wraps, window clings. But when it comes to your indoor corporate sign, that’s the hero sign. Your business is where things happen, and customers see that sign as the center of your business. Sure, they might have seen your logo before, but this is the heart of the business. They’ve arrived.

Business Signs Remind People Where They Are

Don’t take this as an insult, but as a little slice of reality: customers don’t care about your business as much as you do! It’s just a simple fact that, even though you put your heart and soul into your company, it’s usually just a few minutes out of a customer’s month that they’re thinking about your business.

So while they might be able tell someone else which grocery store they most often frequent, they will often have to think for a few moments before recalling which chiropractor, body shop, or pet shop they head to when they need one. That’s why you need to make your indoor signage as unique and grand as possible, because the longer it’s in front of their eyes, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to recall where they went to last time they pulled a muscle in their back.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Just like everything else, lighting can affect the way a custom sign looks. Unfortunately, fluorescent lighting seldom makes a sign look its best, and the daylight coming through the windows give a flat look that might not make the most of any metals that are used in your custom company sign.

That’s where lighting comes in. We can add lighting that comes from the inside of the sign and lets it filter out. The sign can glow from within, or it can present a glow from behind in order to create interesting shadows. We can also make it look its best with the existing lighting in your building. Just talk to the professionals in our sign shop and we can show you examples of the lighting effects that we’ve done for businesses from Longmont to Greeley to Cheyenne.

When you need a sign for your business, Actions Signs is here to work with you and get you just what you’re looking for. Check out some examples of our interior signs right here, then contact us to get the project started!