We don’t have to tell you that you can find wayfinding signs just about anywhere online. If you’re looking for a sign that says “restrooms” and has an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction, you don’t have to go far. But at the same time, those signs are, without a doubt, boring. People have seen those types of wayfinding signs everywhere, and while they might be useful, they’re not really doing anything to help your business.

Today we’re going to take a look at the importance of custom wayfinding signs and what they can do for your customers and your business. But first, let’s answer the question…

What Is A Wayfinding Sign?

A wayfinding sign is any sign that helps a customer, client, or employee get where they need to go. Such signs can guide people throughout the building, whether it’s to specific offices, restrooms, breakrooms, or to the front desk. Wayfinding signs can also be outdoors, helping people find the right building as they are walking or driving in their cars.

Why Should You Get Custom Wayfinding Signs?

Are custom wayfinding signs really that important? We think so. Here are four good reasons to consider getting something custom-made at your local sign shop.

Continue The Brand

If you market at all, your business has a brand. In most cases, that brand includes so much more than just a logo. Brands encompass color schemes, fonts, slogans, and building architecture. Custom wayfinding signs allow you to keep the signs throughout your building looking the same, using the same design so that it just ties everything together. 

The fact is, people really notice wayfinding signs, especially if they’re whimsical in some way. No, not every type of building needs clever wayfinding signs; hospitals tend to eschew them. But restaurants are often trying to impress their customers with their custom signs, whether it’s clever bathroom signs or signs that tell customers where the line starts. 

Don’t Get People Confused

When you have custom wayfinding signs, you’re ensuring that visitors still know that they’re following the right signs. Take an industrial park, for instance. If there are a dozen buildings that aren’t well labeled, which “Deliveries” sign should the UPS guy follow? He might have something for you and end up taking it to the bakery at the far end of the park. 

When you have custom wayfinding signs with your logo on them, you can be sure you’re sending people to the right place, even if there are competing wayfinding signs around in use by other companies. 

Distinguish Yourself

Here’s a fact: custom wayfinding signs just look nicer. When you have them custom-made and designed by our sign shop, you’re distinguishing yourself from other companies who just went online — or to the local big box store — and found the signs they needed. It simply gives anyone looking for you a better impression of your business, showing them that you put effort into getting the signs you needed.

Sometimes You Just Have To Have Them

Okay, so if you head to Home Depot you can probably find a “restroom” sign with no problem, just as you could have found one that said “telephone” two decades ago. But you’re certainly not going to find one that has an arrow pointing to the right and says “Dr. Bethany Hodgkins, Podiatry.” (And if you do, kudos to Home Depot!)

Honestly, there are simply times when there’s no way you’re going to find a customized wayfinding sign at a local shop, and it might even be impossible to find them online. Sometimes contacting a local sign shop and having them create your custom signs is the only way to get just what you need.

It’s a similar situation with maps. If you need a wayfinding map created of a mall, hospital campus, or some other large space, the only way you’ll be able to get exactly what you want is to work with a Fort Collins print shop.

Action Signs Is Ready To Help You Find Your Way

Wayfinding signs are something that many businesses need, and making them custom is an excellent way to keep the brand in front of people’s eyes while helping them get where they need to go. Questions? We’d love to help. Contact your Fort Collins sign shop today!