If you have a business that requires you to get attention at a variety of conventions, whether it’s a home show or a trade show, you need trade show banners. If you show up to one and just have a bunch of flyers and a sign, people are going to be very confused. That’s because trade shows and fancy banners go hand in hand, and anything less looks out of place.

If you’ve looked around when you’re at these shows and have attended them before, you might have noticed that the displays are getting bigger and more noticeable. That’s because, with everyone having some sort of trade show banner, it’s getting harder and harder to get the attention of everyone walking by.

Draw Attention From Afar

Yeah, we used the word afar. It was the right word to use, we’re gonna use it!

Anyway, trade shows are almost entirely held in huge open spaces, and you want to be able to be seen from a long way away. That might mean having a bigger banner, or putting your company name larger on the banner. It should stand out, because you’re in a sea of other vendors who would just love to stand out a little bit more than you and take up all of your potential client’s time.

You also want to make it easy on people who are actually looking for you. If they only have a vague idea of where you are, it’s important to be able to draw them to your area quickly before they get distracted by the dozens, or hundreds, of other vendors…including your direct competition.

When you come to Action Signs and Banners, we can help you design a banner that stands out from the rest. We know competition is tough at a trade show, so make sure you get the best available.

Draw Attention From Close By

Of course, every trade show display has to be as equally readable from close by as when someone is far away. People are always mulling through the aisles of a convention center, and the flow of traffic isn’t always going to let them stand back and take a look at the name of your business. If a customer is standing right in front of your display and the banner is directly above their heads, it’s imperative that your booth is identifiable to them by having redundant instances of your name and what you do.

Let’s go back to that person who’s looking for you in a crowded convention center. You don’t want them to wander past you three times and give up just because your banner was only designed to attract people from a distance. We’ll work with you to make sure that your trade show display works from close up as well as far away.

Make the Most of Your Space

There’s really no set standard on how much space you’re going to have at a trade show. Less-popular arenas might give you 20-by-20, while you might not be able to afford more than a 10-by-6 at the most popular venues. No matter where you are, you want to make the most of your space. That means side to side, of course, but also top to bottom.

There’s also the option of having additional panels that you can use in your trade show display. Think of it kind of like a leaf in an expanding dining room table. For trade show displays, you can add extra panels for the times you need a bigger booth. (This might require additional supporting hardware, but it’s worth it.) We can help you design something that will work well no matter how much space you have, and you don’t have to be stuck with just one size all the time.

Get Your Point Across

We’re sure you’ve seen it in your travels: a trade show display that’s just not clear. Sure, you can read the words and see the images, but you have no idea what they sell.

Since we design so many trade show banners and displays, we’ve done our research and have run into some that just don’t work because they’re not giving the right kind of information. There’s one we remember that had the company name and a picture of windows. But that was just about it. What were they selling? Were they selling windows for new construction? Replacement windows for remodeling? Window wash? Maybe they were offering to reseal the space around windows to increase energy conservation? Turns out it was a window cleaning service, and they probably ended up letting many customers pass them by who just didn’t understand why there were there.

Our print shop will work with you to ensure that your business’ reason for existing is obvious from every angle. You want to draw the right people to your booth so that you’re talking to potential customers, not people who have no interest in your business and are just there for the free candy. Free candy, you say?

Have A Candy Bowl

Just be sure to have a candy bowl. Why? Because people love candy!

Contact Us For Trade Show Banner Design and Printing

Even if you have to adhere to a parent company’s color schemes, that doesn’t mean that trade show banners can’t be awesome. Limitations can make us think even harder about our graphic design and end up getting even more customer to your booth. If you’re ready to get the best trade show displays around, contact Action Signs and Banners today!