Of all the types of custom signage we create here at Action Signs, vehicle wraps are certainly one of the newest and most exciting. While outdoor banners and trade show displays have been around for decades, the age of the custom (and very affordable) car decal is finally here and ready to help you make the most of your advertising budget.

Do vehicle wraps really work? Are they any better than other ways at getting your message out? Here are some of the advantages you might want to consider.

They’re Still Relatively New

Like we said, custom signs have been around for centuries. Now trust us, we’re not disparaging their effectiveness…we know how well they work and how they should be used. But sometimes the old forms can just fade into the background because everyone you’re selling to has seen them before. In other words, it’s easier to ignore something if you’ve grown up with it. But since wraps are pretty new (and even newer here in the Fort Collins area than in the larger cities) they still turn heads.

They’re Noticeable

Most people are rather reserved at heart. They really just want to drive their car and not be noticed. That’s why the most common car colors are blue, red, silver, and white. And in most cases, the car is a single color with some chrome showing. It’s only those who really want to be noticed that order the orange or the green Dodge Challenger!

What we’re saying is, most people have cars that blend in. In a sea of boring cars, wrapped cars still get people’s attention. If you’re driving in Northern Colorado on the way to work and see a thousand cars, think of how many wrapped vehicles you see. Not that many, which proves that any custom car wrap you get is really going to draw people’s attention along the Front Range. Put it on a car that is itself unique — a Mini-Cooper or a Nissan Juke — and you’ll be getting even more attention.

It’s All Over Town

Another popular way of advertising is with billboards. For decades billboards have proven themselves to work, and we certainly won’t disparage them.

But billboards are, by nature, static. Sure, a lot of people might pass by them, but it’s usually the same people every day. The great thing about vehicle wraps is that they are often on the road, driving through different parts of town and making impressions they might not normally make. Wraps can be seen whether you’re on I-25, a county road, a side street, Highway 287, or driving in a parking lot.

That brings up our next point: sometimes your car is going to be parked. Maybe it’s at a customer’s house, maybe in front of your office, maybe at home. And when it is, the vehicle wrap is still doing its job. That’s because…

It’s Always Working

No matter where you are, your wrapped vehicle is always working. When the lights go out in your store, people can’t see your signs anymore. But a vehicle wrap is always on and telling people about your business. Unless you get it really dirty, there’s no way to “turn it off”!

The Angle Doesn’t Matter

One of the great parts about vehicle wraps is that cars and trucks are three-dimensional. While a typical banner or sign might have to be viewed from a specific angle to have its full effect, a wrapped truck or car is effective no matter whether the potential customer is beside, behind, or even above it. The only creatures you won’t be advertising to are the prairie dogs underneath!

Vinyl Car Wraps Protect

Here’s something that most people don’t think about: vinyl car wraps protect the car from minor damage. For instance, a wrap can keep scratches from your vehicle, which will help its resale value down the road. Sure, it’s not something you’re thinking about at first, but having a better-looking car when you trade it in can be a nice bonus. (Wraps can be removed easily by a professional before you sell it off.)

It Creates a Fleet

When you have to purchase a replacement vehicle for your business, you’re very aware that it’s part of a fleet. You see the line item and know exactly how much it costs. You walk out and see it among your vehicles in the parking lot, and you know that it’s a part of your fleet. When an employee asks which vehicle to take, you know which vehicle in the fleet they should take.

But the public doesn’t know that an unmarked vehicle is part of a fleet. They simply see a car or a van. And even if that car or van has a sign or a business magnet on it, it’s not really making that much of an impression on them. But when you wrap all of your vehicles with car and truck wraps, suddenly you have a publicly-noticeable fleet! People see them, people notice that there’s more than one, and they see what a presence you have in the community.

It Helps Establish Brand

Everyone want to establish a brand. Most businesses hope to someday be recognizable by just their symbol, such as Nike or McDonald’s. But everyone has to start somewhere, and where better than here in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming?

Vehicle wraps are primarily about local advertising and attracting people to you who are looking to shop local. Breweries are an excellent example of a business that benefit most from a vehicle wrap. It not only reminds people to try your particular product next time they’re at a bar, but also tells them that it’s a local company that they might want to support.

It’s Cost Effective

Here’s one of the most attractive aspects of vehicle wraps: they work! In fact, they’re one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available to a small business. When you put together everything above, they’re providing the best return possible on sheer number of impressions. When you combine the populations of Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Cheyenne, and the outlying areas…well, you’ve got a least a million people who are out on the roads and have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of your vehicle. When you compare that to the cost of direct mailers or mailer packs that often hit the recycling bin before they even get in the house, car and truck wraps are 2X to 3X more effective.

So What Are You Waiting For?

With vinyl car wraps being such an efficient form of advertising, it only makes sense to investigate the advantages further. Contact Action Signs to find out just how amazing we can make all of your company’s vehicles look.

Check out a specialized wrap we did below for the Division of wildlife! We can create custom wraps beyond vehicle wraps, truck wraps and car wraps. Anything you need designed we can help with! Check it out