Paint job vs wrap, wrap vs paint job. You’re interested in making your vehicle look as good as it possibly can, whether you’re getting the word out about your company or just want to make it look cooler than every other car out there. In that pursuit, you’re bound to run into the subject of auto wraps vs paint jobs for vehicles.

Which do we prefer? Sure, our sign shop is a bit biased because we apply vehicle wraps in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, and all along the Front Range. But there are quite a few practical reasons auto wrapping comes out on top. Here are the top seven benefits of vehicle wrapping.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Are Easier To Remove

Let’s start at the end! You might be thinking “I just had the vinyl wrap applied and now you’re already talking about removing it?” The fact is, eventually you’re going to get tired of your vehicle when something nicer comes along. After all, vehicle styles change all the time, and you don’t want your business represented by something that looks like it’s getting old.

When it comes time to trade in a vehicle, a permanent paint job is going to influence how much a dealership will give you for it. After all, the more unique the paint job is, the fewer buyers they’ll have for it when they go to sell it. When you have a vinyl wrap on the vehicle, they have the option of removing it. When a car is painted, they’re forced to live with it and probably give you less for the trade in.

If you have a business wrap, you’ll almost certainly want to remove it before trading it in. After all, you don’t want someone else riding around town in a vehicle with your face on it. While at first you might think of it as free advertising, you also don’t know what kind of person the next driver will be. Do you really want your company’s name associated with someone who is constantly cutting (and maybe even flipping) people off?

So to sum up: when it comes to wraps vs. paint jobs, wraps are exponentially easier to remove than a car is to repaint.

Wraps Offer Minor Protection

Speaking of reselling your car, did you know that vehicle wraps can also provide minor protection? While they’re certainly not going to protect your car in a crash, a vinyl wrap can protect your paint job from minor scratches like you might get from rubbing up against tree branches. It might even protect from some rocks that would normally chip your paint. Those same scratches are just going to make a paint job look bad.

Vehicle Wraps Can Be Repaired in Sections

All you have to do is look around at the vehicles you pass on the road to see the damage that can occur to them. Scratches, dents, smashed panels on cars that probably shouldn’t still be on the road. Vehicles are in every condition possible.

Unfortunately, all of these can also affect the look of your vinyl vehicle wrap. And if your wrap is promoting your business, it’s also affecting your marketing by equating “damaged and doesn’t take care of their car” with “won’t seek out their business.” Sure, you can get the dent buffed out, but how many body shops are going to be able to fix a custom paint job? Their job usually stops at replacement with factory paint colors.

Vinyl vehicles wraps can easily be fixed at our sign shop, because we’ll keep the original files and can print a new one out in no time. Even better, wraps can also be replaced in sections, leaving the undamaged panels on and replacing the damaged ones. As long as the previous ones haven’t faded too much (and with our UV coatings, they shouldn’t have), everything should be back to looking good as new.

Wraps Are More Cost Effective

In most cases, a high-quality vehicle wrap is going to cost less than a high-quality paint job. The best paint jobs out there are going to cost just under $10,000, while an excellent vehicle wrap will cost many thousands less. (This depends on the size of the vehicle, of course. A sprinter van wrap will almost certainly cost more than one on a subcompact car.)

Can a paint job actually be cheaper? Well, yes, but you probably don’t want to drive around town in it! Your face on the side might end up looking like this!

Wraps Have Faster Turnaround Time

Painting a vehicle is a much more involved process than having a vinyl wrap installed. You might have to relinquish your vehicle for a week or more, which is much more time that we’ll need when you have us install a car, boat, or truck wrap.

Wrap Options Are Amazing!

You might know that you want your car to stand out from all the others on the road but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Luckily, you’re working with a print shop that has handled many of the vehicle wraps that you’ve seen in Northern Colorado. The options are pretty much limitless when it comes to wraps.

Wraps Give You A Preview

When it comes to seeing what the final product is going to look like, nothing beats a vinyl wrap. We’ll run the images past you so that you can see exactly what it will look like on your vehicle. That’s because the files you see are the ones that will be used to print out the actual vinyl wraps.

You won’t have such luck when painting a vehicle. You’ll be given a good idea of what it will look like, but then you simply have to trust the painter. And to be honest, there aren’t many car painters who can give you the level of quality you’re going to need when it comes to advertising your business.

Wraps Are More Detailed

One reason that wraps were created is that they’re simply more detailed. As you’ve probably noticed, car wraps can perfectly replicate pictures and logos.

Wraps ARE the New Paint Job

You know what? You probably haven’t actually seen many custom paint jobs on cars. The fact is, vinyl vehicle wraps are the new paint jobs of today for both advertising purposes and for purely cosmetic jobs. If the “half-naked lady battling a wizard” van art was still popular today, it wouldn’t be painted on using airbrushes…they’d all be van vinyl wraps!

If you’re ready to get a highly-detailed, long-lasting change to your vehicle, the wraps vs. paint debate is pretty much over. Contact Action Signs and Banners today for the best vinyl vehicle wraps around!