When most people think of vehicle wraps, their first thought is usually a car wrap that an insurance agent or maid service has had applied in order to advertise their business. Because wraps on cars are still a relatively new form of advertising, they still get attention. But there are so many other types of wraps out there: van wraps, bus wraps, and, of course, commercial truck wraps that companies have applied to their fleet vehicles. In almost every case, it’s business-related in some way.

Today we’re going to take a look at two types of wraps that are seldom advertising-based, although they’re not always wrapped just for fun. Let’s investigate motorcycle wraps and boat wraps.

Motorcycle Wraps

People can get very attached to their motorcycles. Many motorcycle enthusiasts love to tinker with their rides, customizing them to make them their own. Motorcycle wraps can be a big part of that. Wraps can also be an important part of identifying a cycle during motocross events.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other reasons to have a motorcycle wrapped. Sometimes communities will have motorcycle cops, and the best way to identify these cycles is to have them wrapped with the particular city’s name.

Boat Wraps

In general, boats are the most common vehicle that people get wrapped just for fun. Yes, many people love their cars and take pride in them, but they don’t tend to wrap them just for looks. While cars can be luxurious, most people in the Fort Collins area don’t just have a car for fun; it’s their way to get around.

A boat, however, is exclusively a fun vehicle for most people. They don’t need a boat in any way, but they saved up for a long time in order to get one. That makes the boat very special to them, and many people want to customize their boats to make them stand out even more.

Still, there are some “official business” boats that can be wrapped. While we certainly don’t have the Coast Guard calling us, there are some officials on waterways who need official identification (such as on Horsetooth Reservoir). Also, sometimes a boat rental company wants more than simply the identification numbers, because wraps can be an excellent way of advertising when you rent boats out.

Contact Our Sign Shop For Your Next Wrap

You won’t be surprised to know that boat and motorcycle wraps require attention that wraps don’t have to contend with. Boat wraps have to hold up to splashing water, and motorcycle wraps often have to contend with the rubbing that occurs with people’s leather-covered legs.

That’s why you should go with a professional sign shop when you’re looking for your specialty vehicle wrap. We can custom-design the wraps you’re looking for to make your vehicle your own. Contact us today to get the process started!