Here at our print shop, we’ll wrap just about anything that moves (except cats. No cats). We perform car wraps, truck wraps, bus wraps, motorcycle wraps, jet ski wraps, boat wraps, sprinter wraps, and more. We can (and have) wrapped entire fleets, whether they were all the same type of vehicle or a hodgepodge. And while all of those vehicles can get around on their own, there’s one type of vehicle wrap that needs some help to move around town and make all of those impressions on people: trailer wraps.

So, since vinyl-wrapped trailers won’t always be hooked up to the vehicle that’s towing it, is it really worth it to get it wrapped in the first place? Here are four reasons we think the answer is “definitely.”

People Already Notice The Trailer

The next time you’re at a stoplight, take a look at vehicles that surround you. Car, minivan, car, truck, SUV, truck, truck, car, SUV, minivan. Even though there are hundreds of makes, models, and years that you pass every day, there are few that really jump out. But when people see a trailer, the notice because it’s different from all of the sameness that blends together.

Now we’re not saying that people are bouncing up and down saying “look, a trailer! Kids, get the camera!” No, people notice trailers because they have to. A trailer means a vehicle that takes wider turns and prevents the driver from seeing as easily. Trailers get more attention because they’re more dangerous to other drivers, so it’s important that they tell themselves “I have to watch out for this trailer.” (Let’s admit us, many of us are just waiting for the back of it to fly open so that we can dodge anything that falls out, as if it were an action movie.)

All that to say: people look at trailers. And if it happens to be a wrapped trailer and makes an impression on them, all the better. Give them something to look at! Which brings us to the following point…

Don’t Waste The Space

We don’t know how big your storefront is, but if you’re like most businesses you don’t get a lot of opportunities to really get your name out in front of people. An outdoor lighted sign is usually people’s largest means of advertising (physically speaking), and then there are the windows of the storefront on which to put commercial decorative window film. But what if we told you that you could get your image on a traveling billboard that puts both of those to shame. (You already know what we’re talking about, don’t you? That’s right, it’s a vinyl trailer wrap!)

If your company uses a trailer for anything, you’re wasting some very valuable space if you don’t have a vinyl wrap applied. Vinyl wrapped trailers make full use of this space by getting your logo and what your business does out in front of people all the time and in many different parts of the city. And even if it’s not being towed…

It’s Always Sitting Somewhere

If you get a vehicle wrap, you’re probably going to be driving it around all the time. That means that you’re getting impressions everywhere you go, including every stoplight.

But there’s a good chance that you don’t take your trailer with you everywhere you go. So is it worth it to wrap a trailer? Absolutely! When you park your trailer somewhere, it doesn’t just disappear. Whether it’s parked in the parking lot of your business or is sitting outside your home, you’re going to be creating impressions on people all day. It’s like a big four-sided billboard that people are seeing all the time. And if it’s outside your building, that’s like having a second outdoor sign to draw people in.

But what if that somewhere is in a garage? Do you really need to make impressions on the spiders living in there? It’s true, no one will see your wrap in the garage. But by keeping it in the garage, both the trailer wrap and the trailer itself will last longer. The wrapped trailer will look even better next time you take it out!

Get Your Trailer Wrapped!

The fact is, numerous studies have shown that vehicle wraps are some of the most efficient forms of advertising out there when it comes to getting individual impressions. Because of this, the only time we could imagine putting off a vehicle wrap is if you decide to get the towing vehicle done first! (Actually, our print shop will take care of both of them.) Check out some examples of our vinyl wrapped trailers right here!