Business signs are one of the most important aspects of your advertising budget, and Action Signs can help you get the best signs for the money.

In this series of blogs, we’re going to be discussing the importance of the signs you use to promote your business. We’ll talk about outdoor business signs and how they can be customized to your business. We’ll also discuss the many reasons you’ll want an impressive indoor business sign to greet your customers when they walk in, such as custom aluminum signs. Keep reading to discover just how important signs can be to your business!

  1. 5 Myths About About Lighted Business Signs

    Yeah, we know, myths about lighted business signs might not be as fun as, say, an article like “5 Myths About the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” but hey, you’re the one who stopped by for a blog about signs. And we find this stuff interesting, so you might too! Read on to find out more about outd…Read More

  2. Why Outdoor Business Signs Are So Versatile

    We talk about outdoor business signs quite a bit in our articles, and with good reason. Outdoor signs are one of the most important marketing pieces a business can invest in, able to draw the attention of potential customers whether they’re looking for the business or not. They’re a great way to…Read More

  3. How To Care For Your Business Sign on the Front Range During Winter

    In our most recent blog, we discussed how important it is to invest in the best banners you can find for your business along the Front Range. A big part of choosing the best banner is making sure that it holds up to Colorado weather. The same is true when it comes to your outdoor business signs, whe…Read More

  4. Should A Company Sign Be Freestanding Or On the Building?

    Okay, we’re going to go ahead and spoil this article for you. When asking whether your company sign should be freestanding or on the building, the answer is almost always “Both.” You should have your business sign in as many places as possible so that people will never wonder where they should…Read More

  5. 5 Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs

    Sometimes people come to us and ask where they should invest their money when it comes to custom signs. Is it better to have a fancy outdoor business sign that shines all night? Or is it better to spend money on a flashy custom aluminum sign that hangs behind the front desk? How much should be spent…Read More