Commercial Window FilmsFor most commercial spaces, windows are an enticing option. They make a workspace feel more open, let in more light in the winter months, and boost the moods of employees. With benefits like these, why would you ever want to put anything between you and the sunlight? As nice as windows make a building look, they can also introduce a number of problems.

How Window Films Help

Window films fix a number of problems that arise when a lot of glass is used architecturally.

  • An abundance of windows might let in a lot of heat in the winter, but they’re also letting in the heat all summer long. Solar film can reflect the heat, cutting down on air conditioning costs.
  • Unfiltered light lets in UV rays, which damage human skin and cause fading in carpeting and furniture. UV film filters can protect people and possessions.
  • Glare can cause eye strain and headaches, distracting workers and clients. Cutting the glare can make the workspace a much more pleasant place to do business.

Window films can also help with security. Like security glass, security window films can prevent break-ins and contain dangerous glass when it’s accidentally broken or vandalized.

Decorate With Window Films

Decorative window films are an excellent way to decorate any office that contains a lot of glass. And it’s not just about keeping your company logo in front of employees all day long.

  • Frosted glass films are an excellent way to give some privacy to glass rooms that might feel a bit too out in the open.
  • Decorative glass films offer an inexpensive way to imitate etched glass, delineating work spaces and giving people a visual cue to avoid running into glass walls!
  • Have an unsightly alley out the window? Frosted glass can hide ugly views while still letting natural light in.

Decorative films are an excellent option if you like to redecorate your office on a whim. It’s the simplest way to completely change the look of a space to keep up with modern design.

Make The Most of Your Windows

Action Signs is ready to help you get the most from your glass, whether you’re addressing a problem or creating the perfect workspace. Commercial window films offer so many benefits, and we’d love to show you exactly what they can do. Contact us today; our staff would love to talk with you!

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