Indoor Business Signs

Interested in amazing indoor business signs? We can’t blame you, because these signs can have a huge impact on your business.

When most people think of the signs for their business, they are often imagining the outdoor business sign. Many business owners love thinking about the sign on the outside of the building, one that will draw customers in from far and wide. Don’t get us wrong, we know the importance of outdoor business signs. At Action Signs, we’ve designed and created exterior signs for dozens of companies all along the Front Range.

The importance of indoor business signs can’t be overstated. While they might not be on the outside for everyone to see, they serve an invaluable purpose — multiple purposes, in fact — that can increase a customer’s interaction and impression of your business. Read on to find out more!

Why Are Indoor Business Signs So Important?

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of having business signs indoors. While at first it might seem redundant to have both outdoor and indoor business signs, that’s far from the case. Here’s why you should budget for the best custom indoor signs possible.

Indoor Business Signs Are Made To Impress

Indoor business signs will most likely be the largest and most detailed version of your logo that is ever created. Here’s how they’re affecting customers and staff.

Customers Get Up Close

Think about how close your customers get to an outdoor sign. In most cases, they might look across the parking lot in order to identify which building they’re heading to, then only glance at it a few more times on the way in. They’ll walk under the sign and through your doors, never really getting that close to your outdoor sign. Even if your outdoor sign is your largest, it might as well be small to customers because of the distance.

On the other hand, customers can get very close to your indoor business signs. Such signs are often behind the reception desk and/or on the wall, and they should be big enough to really create an impression on them.

Customers Judge You

Unless you’re the hottest bar that has lines out the door, or the latest hair salon that’s booked for months, your business is like most others: it must impress the customer. And while it might be relatively easy to design a logo that looks good in print and on a website, getting something that looks great when it’s 5 feet wide is a bit more difficult.

One survey showed that more than half of customers say that the quality of the business’ sign corresponds to the quality of the business. So if your business sign isn’t impressive, you have to work that much harder to impress them in other ways. After all, you don’t just want your customer to have a good impression of your business now; you want them to come back later.

Impress Them!

Customers want to be impressed. Customers want you to woo them in some way, to show them that they’re in a quality establishment. Indoor signage is an excellent way to make that happen.

When you have a custom indoor sign designed and built, it becomes the hero image for your entire company. There’s no larger version of your logo that customers will ever get so close to, so you want to make sure it looks as good as possible. Let them know that you’re serious about your business, serious enough to have an amazing sign created. With the materials we use (more on that later), you can have something made that’s truly going to make them take more than one look.

Never Stop Marketing

Ever hear of Coca-Cola? Of course you have, and probably can’t recall a time in your life when you weren’t aware of it. They spend more than $350 million on advertising every year, despite the fact that everyone already knows about them. Coke has one of the top 10 recognizable logos in the world, yet they still spend twice as much as Pepsi to get in front of people’s eyes with advertisements.

This is clearly a testament to the idea that you should never stop marketing. Even if a customer has a) seen your ad in a flyer and b) confirmed your hours online and c) used your outdoor sign to lead them to the front door and d) read your name in the window film of your storefront, you need to e) really impress them with a custom indoor business sign. Like we said before, this is the hero sign, the one that pops when they walk through the front door.

Tie It All Together

We just touched on this a little in the last paragraph, but let’s expand on it a bit more. When you have an indoor business sign greeting a customer, it ties together everything they know about your business. They might have seen (or heard) your business name and/or logo in many places, including your website, flyers, radio ads, billboards, and outdoor business sign.

Your indoor business sign should be the moment they feel like they’ve reached the end of their journey. Sure, they’ve seen your logo before, but this is the first time they’ll really notice it. Such a sign will be:

  • More detailed than the outdoor version
  • Larger than the website and advertisement version
  • A different media than any other version they’ve yet seen

Foster Company Confidence

No matter how long your company has been in business, a hero sign can certainly make every employee feel good about working there. As we’ve said many times before, such signs are very impressive and can provide a focal point for positive feeling toward your company. What does every employee walk past every day? What does the receptionist sit by all day long? Where will promotional photos be taken? The primary indoor business sign will be a great way to give employees a sense of identity and make them feel better about working there.

What Materials Are Indoor Business Signs Made From?

One of the benefits of creating indoor business signs for our customers is that we don’t have to worry about weather. While outdoor signs have to deal with rain, snow, wind, heat, and the sun’s UV radiation, custom indoor business signs can be constructed without having to worry about any of those (with the possible exception being UV, though the materials we use are seldom affected).

  • Metal – Metal is certainly one of the most common types of materials we use for signs here at Action Signs. We can create custom indoor signs for businesses from a variety of metals, most often steel and aluminum. These signs look classy and impressive, and they really hold up. Thanks to computerized layout and milling, there are few limits when it comes to creating custom indoor signs.
  • Glass – It’s hard to beat the look of a glass indoor sign. Glass is so impressive because the technology to make sturdy, etched glass sign hasn’t been around for as long as many other sign-making methods. This makes it a very attractive option to impress customers. Add hidden lighting to it and it will really draw attention!
  • Mirror – If you really want to make a statement and get customers’ attention, it’s hard to beat the look of a mirrored surface. While it’s not the right look for every business, a mirrored sign can really be an eye-catching centerpiece for a wall.
  • Plastic – If you want the amazing look of glass but can’t risk having glass in a high-traffic area, high-quality acrylic signs might be what you’re looking for. These have the look of glass and can even take on the frosted look that many glass signs are known for.
  • Foam – You might be surprised at the amazing ways in which foam can be used. In fact, it’s very possible that many of the signs you’ve noticed high on the walls of your favorite stores are made from foam, even if they look like metal or plastic. Foam has the advantages of being lightweight and cheap. The only disadvantage is that foam can chip easily if damaged, meaning it should be in a location where hands and ladders can’t damage it.
  • Wall Wraps – Windows and wall coverings are one of the most cost-effective ways to get a large representation of your logo on the walls of your business. These vinyl applications are professionally installed so that they stay in place for years. The primary disadvantage is that there’s no 3D quality to them as you’ll get with other custom indoor signs.

Should You Opt For Lighted Signs?  

Having an outdoor lighted sign makes sense to most people. After all, with the sun going down around 4:30 in the middle of winter here along the Front Range (thanks, in part, to the mountains), most businesses want to be seen after it gets dark.

But what about lighting an indoor business sign? While lighting it might not be quite as important as lighting your exterior sign, lighting an indoor sign is often easier thanks to the fact that the weather isn’t a factor and there are more options in the angle from which the light can come. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider lighting your indoor business sign.

  • Impress Your Customers…Even More! – While your custom indoor sign might look amazing, thinking about the type of lighting it will end up being in and adjusting that lighting accordingly can make it look even better. Whether your sign is lit from the top, bottom, within, or from behind, keeping lighting in mind can really make it pop even more.
  • People See It At Night – If you are in a location with any foot traffic, you’ll probably want to keep your sign lighted at night. While that’s common practice for the large outdoor signs, an indoor sign that’s properly lit can draw people’s attention as they’re passing. Even if you’re a dentist office that closes at 5 pm, having a lighted sign can be quite the advantage if you’re next to a bar that’s open until midnight. We can offer LED options that use very little energy while providing a great deal of light.
  • There Aren’t As Many Regulations – While most people don’t think about the regulations that govern business signs, we know quite a bit about them. Indoor business signs don’t have many restrictions on them when it comes to lighting. These regulations mostly cover outdoor signs so that they’re not 80 feet tall and keeping the neighborhood up all night with lights that are far too bright.

What Are Some Concerns About Custom Indoor Signs?

We’ve already discussed the fact that you really don’t have to worry about the weather when it comes to indoor business signs as you might for their outdoor counterparts. Still, there are some concerns regarding business signs indoors, all of which can be alleviated by working with a well-respected sign shop.

Design Is Vital

Design is, of course, incredibly important to how well an image comes across. While our designers can create a very effective logo for you, most of our clients already have their logo in hand when they contact us.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to turning a logo into a full-scale indoor business sign. The design of the sign has to consider the space, the height, and the average viewing distance. It must be sure to use the right materials for the environment at hand. The viewing angle is also important, which brings us to…

Angle Must Be Considered

Even if a logo is designed with shading or bevelling, it’s still in just two dimensions. When customers look at the logo online or in print, there’s no way for them to see it from the side.

That all changes when you get a 3-dimensional representation of your logo. When creating an indoor business sign, it’s vitally important to consider where it will be hanging and how people will be viewing it. Will customers only be able to view it from the front and a few degrees to each side? Or will they be able to see it directly from the side? If these points aren’t considered, you could have someone sitting in the waiting room with an unflattering view of the light’s interior electronics.

Going Overboard

Not every material is the proper choice for every sign. To be even more exact, the material might not be right for the company and the building’s environment.

Mirror signs are an excellent example. This sign we constructed for Mack looks amazing, but such a mirrored finish isn’t going to be appropriate for most of our customers. While it might work for a restaurant, it’s unlikely. It’s certainly not appropriate for a doctor’s office. The material must match the space and the business, so going overboard and being too flashy just isn’t an option.

Lighting Should Be Considered From the Beginning

Lighting really shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to indoor signs for business. How a sign will be lit, either from within from via an external source, should be part of the planning from the beginning. It’s the only way to make sure that the sign achieves maximum impact.

Which Is More Important, Indoor or Outdoor Business Signs?

Don’t make us choose!

You won’t be surprised to know that we highly recommend giving an ample marketing budget to both your indoor and outdoor business signs. After all, they’re both vital marketing materials that should not be ignored.

If you have to choose, we might suggest you get a big, lighted exterior sign first. After all, you want to let the public know where you are in town and need to draw in people as much as possible. Leave behind enough money in the budget to get a custom wall wrap that will greet customers as they walk in.

But after you’re settled, make sure you get an indoor business sign that you can be proud of. Why? For all of the reasons we’ve mentioned above, of course…and because having such a great sign will give you a customized space to work in every day.

Let’s Get Started!

We hope we’ve convinced you that getting a custom sign made at Action Signs will be an excellent investment in your business. No matter what kind of signs you need, we’ll make sure to make your business look even more impressive and can work with you interior designers to pull everything together. Click here to get the process started!