Now that we’ve talked about the difference between indoor and outdoor signs for your business, you might be wondering which one you should focus on. Which sign is more important to your business, the one that draws people into your store or the one that greets them after they’ve walked through the door? In a perfect world where everyone has all the money they need for business signs, we’d say go all out on both. Get a custom aluminum sign for behind the front desk and get a backlit sign for the storefront.

But we understand that most businesses have to make tough budgeting decisions, and sometimes that means spending more money on one type of custom sign than another. When people come to us asking whether they should go with a fancier indoor sign or a higher-quality outdoor lighted business sign, we suggest putting more money into an outdoor sign. Here are the reasons.

People Know There’s A Store There

This one might seem simple, but it’s more important than most people realize. Some stores will move into a strip mall and have their grand opening, even before they have their large illuminated sign installed. But it’s kind of like having a birthday party without putting the house number on your house; you’re just not helping people get there.

The fact is, when people don’t see a large lighted sign over a shop, they usually think that that shop is empty. You can have all the signs and banners you want, but people have been conditioned to look for a sign over the storefront that tells them exactly where they are. If they see signs for a nail salon, a big blank, and a pet grooming business, they either think the shop with a big blank space above it is empty or that it’s part of an adjoining store that has expanded. Even if you are well-decorated and have lots of other types of signs, they’ll probably just associate it with one of the stores on either side. Why? Because those shops have signs and are making constant impressions.

People Can See It At Night

We talked a lot about the importance of lighted business signs on this page, and we detailed why you should always choose a lighted or backlit sign when you’re deciding on one for your business.

If your business is open at night and the lights are on, you might wonder “won’t the lights being on tell people that the store is open?” Well, lights on in a store can mean a lot of things, and they don’t all mean that a store is open for business. It can mean that the store is closed and that people are stocking shelves. It can mean that the store is closed and that the employees are having a meeting. If it’s on the hour, many people will think that the store just closed and that the employees are simply cleaning up from the day. But when you have a lighted sign, it’s a long-distance indication of the state of the store. Is it open or closed? Let your lighted outdoor sign be the first indication.

Advertise Your Business From A Distance

Of course, one of the biggest differences between a nice custom indoor sign and a lighted outdoor sign is how much advertising it’s going to be doing for you. It’s pretty obvious that an outdoor lighted sign is going to do a lot more to let people know where you are than the nicest custom indoor sign you’ll ever see. It’s a constant advertisement out in the public view that can’t be beat. Which bring up the following point…

It Influences Customers From the Outside

Once a customer comes into your shop, there are many other ways to influence them. There’s the nice custom sign that has your business logo. There are sale signs, the friendliness of the staff, and, of course, the merchandise or services that you sell.

But first, you have to get them in your shop. That means giving them a means to identify your store whether it’s night or day, a way to find it when it’s raining or snowing out. Your lighted outdoor business sign is the largest piece of advertising you have, so be sure that you spend enough on it to get the features you need from it.

Is “Boring” Enough?

You might wonder, is boring enough? What we mean by that is, do you need a fully-custom sign? There are backlit signs out there that seem to do perfectly well with big red block letters. The most common you might see are signs like “Pizza,” “Liquor,” or “Nails.” All of these signs give the viewer a top-level view of what the business offers, and the actual business name might be hard to discern until you’re in the shop.

So are these appropriate signs, and do they work? Considering their proliferance, there’s no doubt that they have their place in the business world. But they’re not for every business; it kind of depends on the services that you’re offering. Many of those businesses are looking to portray a “discount” feel, and if the point of your business is to offer cheap Asian food, then big block letters saying “Asian Food” might just be enough to get people in the door.

On the other hand, most businesses are interested in making their storefront look unique, and in most instances, we’re more than happy to accommodate. We’ll work with the client (and/or their marketing consultant) in order to create signs that look good from any distance and will draw customers in.

Let’s Get Your Sign Noticed!

Without a doubt, custom business signs on the interior of the building are important. It’s always a good idea to greet customers who come through the door with something impressive.

But first you have to get them in the door. Basic advertising can get them to the parking lot, but a big custom light up sign can get them through the door and keep you in their mind even when they’re not looking for you on that specific day. We want to create the perfect sign for your business, one that’s noticeable at every moment of the day and one that stays in people’s minds. Of course, we also want to make it as inviting as possible.

Take a look at what we’ve done for customers in Fort Collins and all along the Front Range. We bet you’ll find something you can point to and say “that’s nice, let’s try something like that.” Contact us to get the process started to get the best lighted business sign in Northern Colorado!