A visually arresting trade show booth is your secret weapon to generate new customers. It’s also difficult and expensive to customize a backdrop to a new audience, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with the same materials for every show you attend. By thinking modularly, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to fine-tune communications at trade shows without recreating your entire booth.

  • Backdrop: As the largest and most expensive piece of your tradeshow marketing, it serves to represent your brand. As such, it shouldn’t change between shows. Use the backdrop to promote your core brand: Display a logo, company name and flashy graphics to attract attention. By keeping it simple, you’ll be able to continue to use it as your brand evolves.
  • Table Drape: As a relatively inexpensive piece of your tradeshow collateral, a table drape can reinforce your brand with the flexibility to change more often than the backdrop. Use a table drape to showcase short-term taglines or evolving graphics, such as anniversary logos or seasonal themes.
  • Roll-Up Banners and Posters: Tabletop and floor-mounted roll-up banners also provide a strong visual impact, and can be developed with custom graphics. Because they’re independent of your backdrop, you’ll be able to affordably swap them out, focusing on current promotions and initiatives.
  • Tabletop Posters: Think of these as more direct sales collateral: Where banners, backdrops and table drapes entice passers-by, smaller posters are there to provide information. Use them to communicate sales information to visitors who approach your display, rather than to entice them. Tabletop posters can easily be refreshed for each tradeshow you attend.

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