When it comes to making a custom one off project, it simply  takes time. One of the areas we most often have to explain to our customers is our production schedule. Since most of our projects are a one- time project they usually sit in production for 4-7 days until they are complete.  Many things can effect why a project would take this long. When ordering from us please remember  to take the following things into consideration:

  1. 1.       There are other projects that have due dates prior to yours.
  2. 2.       We made need to order in special materials just for your project, this could take a couple of days.
  3. 3.       It is possible that we need to provide you with a color sample so please respond quickly so we can keep your order moving forward and meet your deadline.
  4. 4.       Our inks and printing process require a 24 hr. period between prints and laminating to ensure the highest quality product.
  5. 5.       Most importantly we are not NEXT DAY SIGNS this is why our products are top of the line!
  6. 6.       Lastly, we want to be sure you are 100% satisfied with your products, thus taking the extra time to give attention to all the fine details will ensure your satisfaction.