people-need-to-see -7-timesThe key to getting your brand out of your storefront and onto the minds of your customers is visibility. Why do we all drink Coke or Pepsi? It’s because we see their brands everywhere. Those brands also have millions of dollars to spend on advertising, which pushes their logo, their brand, and their products into our everyday lives. Branded signage is the most cost-effective way to get your brand into your target customers’ everyday lives.

Of course, your business may not be a huge multinational conglomerate that can allocate millions of dollars to Super Bowl advertisements. However, there are still points that may be just as applicable to your business. Think of branded signage in your local community as a small scale Super Bowl advertisement. If your brand appears in front of enough people on their way to work, to the grocery store, to pick up their kids from soccer practice, you will see a large uptick in people walking through your doors.

It’s common marketing knowledge that people need to see an advertisement seven times before they take action. This is often referred to as “The Rule of Seven.”

Your brand is your business’s identity. It’s the recognizable image you place in people’s minds. The more people see your brand when they go out, the more familiar your brand will feel to them, and the more likely they will think of your company when they need your services. As a company, you created a brand that will stand out to people. There are so many advertisements in all forms of media these days. A surefire way to shout through all of the noise is with your brand represented on signs with high visibility.

You’ve spent the time to create a brand that is relatable to a wide audience, you’ve developed a logo that is an easy visual symbol for your brand, and you’re proud to offer your community a service they need. Now is the time to put that brand and that logo on a permanent sign to help drive your business.