Car wraps are proving to be the lowest-cost form of advertising for many small businesses in Fort Collins during these tough economic times.  While fewer and fewer people are using the phone book  and reading the newspaper, advertisers are pulling their ads and are slashing their marketing budgets.  However, any expert will tell you that you can’t stop marketing completely.   That’s why small businesses are looking for low-cost alternatives that provide big bang for their budgets.  Car wraps are the solution for growing numbers of business owners because they provide high-visibility opportunities to deliver marketing messages to the masses.  Drive your car down College Avenue and you’re guaranteed to get thousands of impressions. That’s the equivalent of having a billboard advertisement for a fraction of the cost.

Car wraps are also versatile.  Since they are easily changed, you can even offer seasonal promotions right on the side of your car and for a small cost, change out your offers on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Just imagine how much more impact your ads will have when they are relevant to the season.  Studies have shown that specific offers, like Christmas specials, get a much higher conversion rate than generic, year-round offers.

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