So there’s this big controversy over the tailgate wraps being done by a sign company based out of Waco, Texas. The whole thing is based upon photorealistic graphics that really make you take a second look! Using images, like snipers or other controversial images like a woman tied up in the back of the vehicle. As if she had been kidnapped!  Here’s my take on the whole thing, these are just my opinions.

As for the graphics company, I would say nice job on graphic placement. Nice job on making the image look so real that people have even called 911!! Poor job on the message you are trying to send.

If it were myself doing such an experiment of how real my graphics look I would have chosen a different image perhaps. Or turn the image into and advertisement of sorts. Leaving that tailgate with only the image of the woman bound in the vehicle was a daring statement, especially for an operating sign business. I think this project could have been done more tastefully. If you are going to pronounce yourself to the world VIA shocking graphics do so with a little class and style. In my opinion Action Signs in one of the top Fort Collins sign shops, we pronounce ourselves to the world with stellar custom graphics daily! None of which consist of anything quite so controversial. We stride through our field knowing we are top of the line and putting out the best vehicle wraps Fort Collins has to offer!