I can’t tell you how many times I have received a customer file that is READY FOR PRODUCTION!

 Thoughts: I came from a small format print design background before I started working at the best sign shop Fort Collins has.  (I won’t say any names) Believe me when I say that large format and small format are two different animals! Below is a list of things that are helpful when sending in your files in for print.

  1. 1.       Be sure to create outlines for all fonts or provide font files.
  2. 2.       If you have specific pantones please include them in your artwork.
  3. 3.       Send over layered files that are neatly organized.
  4. 4.       Send over high resolution or vectored artwork.

 Don’t be afraid to ask your designer questions. We would much rather answer questions for pre-press than spend all day fixing your files. 

 Yours Truly: designing daily, signs Fort Collins!