I was recently made aware of a very point blank fact in the graphic design and sign industry. Having a logo could be your saving grace. Many of our customers are small local businesses who have been in and around the Northern Colorado area for many years. To them business is business and word of mouth has always been just enough to keep their business growing strong. That is the beauty of small town business after all right?

Recently a small business owner decided it was time to make take the plunge, he had lived out his life- long, let’s say (horse shoeing,  just for fun) dream and was ready to throw in the towel. So he did! He and his lovely wife sold their life long business to their employees and rode off into the sunset together.

 All though Cowboy’s Horse Shoeing had been an established business for over thirty years, it never had an identity, no logo, no marketing, no vehicle graphics or t-shirts. Just word of mouth and good ole’ down home services! Needless to say after cowboy rode off into the sunset, his business did to.

All of his loyal customers had only one thing to relate to, cowboy…… Had this company had a mark, had it been a recognizable image to many others in the community, had people been his customers for not only Himself but his images as well, Cowboy Horse Shoeing may have lived long after the sunset.

Moral of the story: Having a recognizable mark, icon or logo is very important it may seem like an un-needed expense at the time but for the life of your business it is proven to help keep the doors open.