As a small business employee I have come to learn the many benefits of working so closely with my team. There does come a time every now and again when we choose to add a new face or loose an old friend in the working environment.

   In a perfect world finding the right person for the job is a cake walk, we all know that may not be the case in many situations. Taking the time to interview and make a judgment call for the future success of the business is a very demanding opportunity.

Opportunity: I like that word! This is an opportunity to add a new team player to the equation that makes your cogs turn as a whole. What an opportunity, to learn to work in a new and different way with a new cog in place. It is an opportune time to grow and teach, to remember that patience, acceptance and encouragement are part of your daily functions.

As we, Action Signs seeks a new team player for our production position in the company I will remind myself of what a great opportunity this is for our team.

If any of my readers know of someone seeking to be a part of a team please send them our way. Sign experience a plus and some software knowledge is a bonus too!

– Creative Branding Liaison, DRIVE YOUR MARKET.