When it comes to creating an effective sign many elements come into play. I know many of you have seen that sign, you know the one that you don’t know what it is or says. Let me shed a little light on the subject for you!

There are a number of reasons why Fonts can be your number one enemy in sign design. Fonts you say? Well most signs can’t be made without fonts, exactly my point! If you chose to utilize the wrong types of fonts your sign it can quickly become an eyesore.  Having too many fonts faces, cramming your fonts together or stretching them beyond readability is a BIG NO NO!!!

Keep in mind that your sign should be easily legible and should make its impact within 3-5 seconds. That fast!!! Signs are a dime a dozen and these days people are in such a hurry that if they can’t find you quickly, it’s on to your competitor. Or they may choose you strictly based on your sign, I myself have done this. First impressions are important.

Check out this link for some basic info on Sign Making Font Design Basics.

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