For today I will keep it short and sweet! We have been busy down Here at Action Signs with a couple of new employees and some big projects rolling through our shop. Our team is coming together and I feel like every one is falling into their positions rather well!

Enough about us, that’s boring!  I wanted to provide you with a little info on wrap materials.

In the sign industry there are many types of vinyl’s to choose from based on your project needs. One thing to keep in mind is always ask your sign experts what the difference is between the HP version and the Intermediate version on the vinyl they might be offering as a solution for you.  In many cases we understand that our customers are working with a budget in mind and will offer different solutions based on material pricing. Mostly the difference will be durability, color and conformability. So, just a friendly reminder to educate yourself on exactly what you are buying, this way you understand the expected outcome for your investment.

– Creative Branding Liaison, DRIVE YOUR MARKET.