Irrespective of their business, their industry or their location, every retailer understands the value of turning window-shoppers into customers. Knowing how to translate foot or even drive-by traffic into purchases – that’s the trick. That’s where window decals come in.

cirque_1Sometimes products, particularly small ones, just don’t display well no matter how great your window dresser’s skills are. Maybe you’re struggling against restrictive municipal signage ordinances. Sometimes you just want to scream out an offer to everyone within 50 feet of your front door. Window decals can solve any of those problems.

With indoor and outdoor, static and adhesive options, you’ll have the flexibility to create window signage that suits your needs while still getting attention. Options to consider include:

  • Clear: Images printed on a completely transparent vinyl allow light to pass into your location while offering full visibility in both directions. Clear designs can be most eye-catching when you make use of design that features cut-out images and makes use of empty space to show off the interior of your store as well.
  • Opaque: Don’t really need a window? Turn it into a miniature billboard with opaque decals that place copy and graphics into your windows. Available with traditional adhesive for long-term, one-time use, or static-cling for short-term reusable promotions, they’re an affordable means to boost foot traffic and attention.
  • Perforated: Get the best of both worlds – promotional graphics and visibility – with perforated decals. Tiny holes in the vinyl allow light to pass through in one side, while presenting graphics to visitors on the other.

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