Let’s play a game of hypotheticals: if you put up a pricey billboard advertising your business, how many people are going to see it? All the people who drive by that one section of road, right? Well, maybe not. Think of how many billboards you see every day. How many of them do you really see? There might be a few that draws the eye with a pleasing design or a clever phrase that makes you chuckle, but the vast majority of them are ignored as part of the background.

Now what if you pay less to get a vehicle wrap or car graphic in the best sign shop in Fort Collins (Action Signs, for those of your who don’t know)? You’re no longer hoping that maybe some people who drive by one stationary piece of one road will see your message and remember your business. Anywhere you go, you’re effectively driving around a mobile billboard. In a parking lot, on College Avenue, on I-25, or even in a different city like Denver or Longmont; you’re taking your message on the road and creating lasting impressions everywhere you go.

And how many people really see this message? Well, the eye is drawn to things that are different, and a car driving down the road covered in vivid colors and cool pictures… that’s just not something you see all the time! It’s unique; people take note of it.

Billboards are a dime a dozen; Fort Collins vehicle wraps and car graphics turn heads!