smart-car-vehicle-wrapHow to properly care for a vehicle graphic
Customers often tend to spend a lot of money on their vehicles. Graphic wrapping, also known as a vehicle wrap, has quite been popular and provides your vehicle with a highly customized look. It not only promotes the intended message, but also protects the vehicle from the regular wear and tear to a certain extent. Choosing an experienced company to apply the vehicle graphic is essential to safeguard your investment. In Fort Collins, there are many companies now offering custom vehicle graphics; however, few can claim they’ve been doing it as long as Action Signs.

It is commonly observed that a good quality vehicle graphic can last between 3 to 5 years. Proper handling and efficient graphic care can prolong the life up to five years. Just a few practices will help to sustain the life of your vehicle graphics.

• It’s advised to hand-wash the car whenever it appears dirty to avoid the deposits of pollutants.
• Always apply a mixture of clean water and mild car wash as recommended by your service provider.
• Do try the cleaning product on a safe area before applying it on the whole vehicle.
• After washing the vehicle with the soapy lather, make sure to use ample of clean water to rinse off any residue.
• Do use a silicone squeegee and clean microfiber cloth to get rid of any water spots.

• Don’t use any mechanical brushing, as it might be too abrasive and causes the edges of your vehicle graphic to lift.
• Don’t overexpose the vehicle to sun. Try to keep it in shade whenever possible.
• In case of any spills over the graphics, it is recommended to wipe the vehicle as soon as possible.
• If any pollutant begins to discolor your graphic, contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to recommend the necessary actions that should be taken.
• Avoid any excessive pressure or any direct contact with sprays to ensure a long life to the graphics.

Vehicle graphics can add a customized look for at least five years without any discoloration or cracking. The actual life expectancy depends upon the nature of the products used. Few self-maintained precautions along with the professional services will keep our graphics in shape and healthy. In case of any problems with the graphics and other related issues, contact Action Signs, your Fort Collins vehicle wrap specialist.