We often get the question, “Why would I wrap my vehicle if I can just paint it?” This is a perfectly valid question and is best answered with some hard facts on the difference between the two processes. While some might think that vehicle wraps are only for businesses and mobile marketing, they are actually a great solution for those looking to freshen up their current vehicle.

Color Change Wrap | Action Signs, Fort Collins, CO

Cost: A quality paint job can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+, depending on what color and quality of paint you’re looking at, customization and the paint shop itself. Alternatively, professionally installed vinyl wraps can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000+ depending on the extent of customization.

Resale Value: Naturally, a manufacturer’s original paint will help sell your vehicle whenever you decide it’s time to move on. Unfortunately, if your color preference is neon orange, this will narrow the amount of prospective buyers when it comes times to sell. Wrapping your vehicle gives you the option to remove the wrap at any time and return it to its original color without damaging the base paint. Especially in Colorado, a vehicle wrap will protect your original paint from everyday damage, rock chips, bug stains and debris.

Environmentally Friendly: Wrapping your vehicle is a much greener alternative to paint since there are no chemicals released. At Action Signs, almost all of the excess material is tossed in the recycling bin after installation.

Boundless Creativity: With car wraps, you’re not limited to a single paint color or design – you can choose a texture, special material (matte, chrome) or an image that represents you. The best part is that you’re not stuck with the color or design you pick. With a wrap, you can remove it and reinstall a new one to completely change the look. Your options are endless!

Installation Time: Paint jobs (especially custom jobs) take time when it comes to getting the vehicle prepped and painted. This can leave you without transportation for weeks whereas a vehicle wrap can be fully complete within two days.

Easy Maintenance: With a simple soap and water mixture, your vehicle will look brand new and last for even longer. For the extra dirt and grime that comes with driving, using a microfiber rag and 70% alcohol will help get your wrap looking like new again.

Long Lasting & Safe Removal: High quality vinyl wraps are long lasting and can be easily and safely removed. Still, just like a paint job, the lifespan of a wrap depends on exposure to the elements. A well-maintained wrap will last you about 5-7 years, which can then be easily removed and replaced.

All in all, investing in a new pain job is a big commitment. While a new paint job might be right for some people, a color change wrap is useful for those looking to save money, retain long-term value in their vehicle and protect the original paint. If you’re not sure the best route for you, contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members today!