Fleet Wraps

Here at Action Signs, we’re big fans of vehicle wraps of all kinds. Car wraps, truck wraps, food truck wraps, trailer wraps That’s because they’re one of the most effective uses of advertising dollars out there, and we want to help small businesses in the Fort Collins area thrive. We also like seeing our own work on the road!

But as much as we like the variety of individual business wraps on cars and vans, we really enjoy wrapping an entire fleet of vehicles so that they can brand a company on the roads of Fort Collins. Let’s take a look at the many advantages of fleet wraps and the organizations using them.

How Many Is A Fleet?

There’s no real definition of what makes a fleet, but even just two vehicles can create the feeling of a fleet when someone sees both of them parked in the same place. Much like a family, a fleet can be two or it can be hundreds. As you add new vehicles to your business we can brand them with vehicle wraps so that they can join the fleet family.]

It Beats a Paint Job

In the days before fleet wraps, companies would have to have a custom paint job done on each vehicle they had. This was a very expensive, and obviously permanent, endeavor. If the vehicle was in a big wreck or was traded in, all that money just went to waste.

Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as expensive as a custom paint job. If one part gets damaged, it can be reprinted and reapplied. And if the wraps needs to be changed for some reason, there’s no need to repaint the entire vehicle. Speaking of which…

Fleet Wraps Are Easy To Change

One of the best parts about fleet wraps is that they are relatively easy to change. The old wrap can be removed and a new one applied with no damage to the paint job.

This is especially useful when the logo of a company has changed. Logos don’t last forever — even the Coca Cola label has changed multiple times over a century — and updating logos can make a company more modern in the public eye. Instead of having to replace the entire wrap (or repaint the whole vehicles), the single panel with the logo can be swapped out.

Vehicles Change

Sometimes a company will purchase a bunch of vehicles at the same time in order to send out their new fleet. They might purchase five unique looking vehicles that stand out on the road; it happened when the new Beetle came out and now it’s mini-coopers. But after a few years, the styles of those vehicles change, and new ones and can alter the look of the fleet. Sometimes it’s better to start with a hodge-podge of vehicles and start applying matching wraps. That’s because…

Fleet Wraps Tie Everything Together

Here’s the best part of vehicle wraps: they tie everything together. No matter what types of vehicles you have, from small cars to RVs and buses, fleet wraps take very different vehicles and make them all part of one family. It no longer matters that one is a Prius and another is a van and the third is a trailer; they’re all now part of one business.

Who Uses Fleet Wraps?

When most people think of vehicle wraps, they imagine a local company that wants to make a good impression on potential customers. But it goes beyond well beyond that.

Big or Small

Like we mentioned above, there’s no set number on how many vehicles it takes to make a fleet. Some companies come to us looking to put vehicle wraps on both their truck and the trailer they haul with it. Since those two aren’t always in the same place at the same time, sure, we’d call that a fleet. On the other hand, there are plumbing companies with a dozen vans that we’re more than happy to wrap. And if someone has a hundred trucks, we’ll handle that fleet as well.

Local or National

We love working with small businesses all along the Front Range. Whether they’re here in Fort Collins or in Loveland, Greeley, Berthoud, or the surrounding area, we love being able to help the locals get the word out about their business.

Of course, we’re also more than happy to be the local applicator for national businesses, whether that’s a national pizza chain or a delivery company. We can deliver the exact colors and other standards that are required by the parent company of franchises.

Private or Public

Again, most of our clients are small-to-medium businesses who want to unify their fleet and establish a presence in Fort Collins and along the Front Range. They’re privately-held businesses looking to make the most of their advertising dollars.

But as you can see from our fleet vehicle wrap gallery, it’s not just private companies we work with. We also work with cities and counties in order to brand their vehicles. We can handle vehicle wraps for any public sector branch that comes our way, whether it’s police, waste pickup, energy, or public health.

How Fleet Wraps Affect Your Vehicle

Vehicles cost a lot of money, and while adding a wrap ups the cost a little bit, the two work together to tell the community what your company is all about.

How Durable Are Vinyl Vehicle Wraps?

If eyeballs could damage your fleet wrap, they’d be off in a few days! Luckily, the extra attention your car gets after the wrap is applied won’t affect it in any way.

Vehicle and fleet wraps are made to hold up for years. They are essentially the best stickers on the market, designed to perfectly fit the body of a vehicle so that there are no gaps. Wraps have a special UV coating that helps to protect from the sun’s damaging radiation, which is especially important at high altitudes here in Colorado.

Of course, driving conditions will alter the life of your vehicle wrap to some degree. If you drive through every puddle you can find and never wash it, or if other car doors are constantly banging against it, they won’t last as long. Keeping the vehicle in a garage and keeping them clean will extend the life of your vinyl wrap.

And speaking of washing…

Are Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Washable?

Absolutely. They stay on for a long time, and you wouldn’t want to go years without washing your vehicle, would you? You want your vehicle — and your wrap — to shine and present a positive image to the community. Still, automatic car washes use a variety of washing methods that could shorten the life of your wrap.

We do recommend that you get your vehicle hand-washed when it has a vinyl wrap on it. While that might sound like an inconvenience, there are more and more specialized car washes out there that will take care of it for you. You can also look around for high schools and church groups having benefit washes.

Are They Removable? Do They Damage the Paint?

We’re happy to tell you that all of our fleet wraps are completely removable and will not damage the paint job. We use 3M wraps, the industry standard for long-lasting and easily removable wraps.

Why are most wraps removed? The most common is that the company is selling the car; removal of the wrap will make it more attractive to the dealership or other potential buyers. Vehicle wraps are also removed or replaced if the design of a logo or website has changed. Sometimes companies merge and choose a new name, and the resulting marketing might require a complete switch-out of a wrap.

What About Damage?

Fleet wraps can often be fixed if damaged. The great thing about them is that they come in large sheets, so it’s not just one big sticker that covers the vehicle. Each of these panels can be reprinted to closely match the undamaged panels. The primary caveat is that it might not be a good idea to replace a panel if the rest of the wrap is at the end of its usable life. It might be best to simply get an entirely new vehicle wrap with an updated design.

The Vehicles of A Fleet

When most people think of a fleet, they imagine the exact same vehicle with identical vehicle wraps. The ones that come to mind immediately are the trucks that delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service drive around.

But fleet can mean so much more. In fact, each vehicle’s graphics can be altered depending on its purpose. Most of the time the logo is the most important aspect that ties them all together. Let’s take a look at the types of vehicles we’re most likely to put a vinyl wrap on.

Van and Sprinter Van Wraps

Vans and sprinters are invaluable to a wide range of businesses, and are therefore one of the most common types of vehicle wraps we apply. The need for tools is a primary reason that a service business might choose a sprinter. Plumbers, HVAC repair technicians, spa repair, and other services all need to carry the right parts and supplies to ensure that the job can be done immediately. Take a look at some of our work on van wraps here.

Of course, there are also the vans that transport people that need to be wrapped. It might be a service that gets people to DIA, or it could be a daycare center that’s picking up kids from school. Nursing homes will also need decals for their transports that get residents to and from Loveland Concert Band summer concerts at Northlake Park.

Commercial Truck Wraps

While vans and sprinters are most often used for service work, the most common use for larger commercial trucks is as delivery vehicles. Whether a company is delivering furniture or beer (in Fort Collins it happens a lot!), companies are looking for ways to make use of their large trucks, which are essentially huge traveling billboards.

Other times we put fleet wraps on the trucks themselves, not just the trailer portion. A common instance of this is with tow trucks, because the service and the truck are inseparably intertwined. We’re also more than happy to put truck wraps on other types of service vehicles, such as trash and recycling collection. Check out samples of our work here.

Trailer Wraps

Does a “fleet of trailers” seem like a strange idea to you? If so, you’re obviously not thinking of U-haul!

We won’t deny it, most of our trailers are one-offs and aren’t part of a fleet of trailers…but that doesn’t mean that they’re not part of a fleet. In fact, trailers are often a very important part of a fleet of vehicles that has had vinyl decals applied. Take a plumbing company, for instance. They might have three vans for simple jobs but have a trailer to tow behind for larger jobs. It’s at that moment that you realize how important it is for the trailer to match the rest of the vans and truly be part of the fleet.

SUV Wraps

SUVs offer a lot of space on which to advertise a company. Companies that wish to express the idea of strength to customers will often get the biggest SUVs they can find an put a vinyl wrap on it (RIP Hummers).

Once, every taxi and transport service was a car; today’s are almost always SUVs or vans. Courtesy transport services, whether offered by a university or a car repair shop, might also get people around in an SUV. Police departments use quite a few SUVs as well, so we sometimes handle their fleet wraps. See what we can do with an SUV wraps for your fleet right here.

Car Wraps

Cars seldom make up a fleet on their own. There aren’t many businesses that require a fleet of cars and nothing else, so cars often end up being part of the fleet instead of making up the bulk of it. Exceptions can include insurance companies, housecleaning services, and realtors.

But cars do make up an important part of many fleets. They often get better gas mileage than SUVs or vans, so if someone is sent on a distant errand it makes a lot more sense for them to take the hybrid car than a big SUV. Cars simply make excellent support vehicles for many fleets. Here’s some of our work on cars.


Buses are an interesting situation when it comes to fleet wraps. Sometimes they’re unique, in that a particular business has paid to have their ad up for a certain amount of time. Other times the particular city doesn’t use that form of advertising, and that’s when you definitely get the “fleet look.”

We love doing buses because the end result looks so nice. We’ve wrapped both Loveland’s COLT and Fort Collins’ TransFort.Take a look at them right here.


There are many different ways in which trucks are used in fleets. First, they might simply be part of the fleet and are used as a transport vehicle to advertise across the Front Range. Other times the truck is used much like a sprinter is, in that it’s used to haul materials and get tools around for service jobs.

Trucks also make a perfect fleet vehicle when they’re paired with trailers. While a truck on the move is great advertising and a parked trailer also gets a lot of eyeballs, it’s the combination that really looks amazing and grabs even more attention. A couple of trucks and interchangeable trailers certainly creates a fleet that gets noticed. Check out what we can do with trucks by clicking this link.

Ready To Turn Your Random Vehicles Into A Fleet?

At Action Signs, we can put a vehicle wrap on anything. Have three cars and a van? No problem. Got a tank as part of your fleet for some reason? We can handle it. Seventeen trucks, thirty-two trailers, and a burrito? Yes, yes, no. We don’t wrap burritos.

We’re ready to turn your collection of vehicles into a fleet, one that will get noticed when they’re together and when they’re in separate parts of Fort Collins. As you can see by clicking those links up above, we can grab attention while sticking true to brand. Want to know more? We’d love to talk to you directly. Call us today or stop by 1413 Webster Avenue in Fort Collins. We look forward to working with you!