Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for years, there’s nothing more powerful than a clever window graphic to catch the eye of prospective customers. At Action Signs, we love window graphics because they add spice to your storefront and help you stand apart from your neighbors. Since feather banners or vinyl banners may not always be an option in your neighborhood, we’ve put together list of benefits of window graphics:



  • Inexpensive Advertising: Window decals allow you to tell prospective customers that are driving or walking by exactly who you are and what you do. Since window graphics are typically less expensive than a billboard or vehicle wrap, this cost-effective advertising has the possibility to spark word-of-mouth buzz within your neighborhood and then beyond.
  • Brand Recognition: When you own a storefront, you have to take advantage of all the space you rent or own. An empty window does not say much of anything to the potential customers going by. A well-designed window graphic can help stop traffic and build invaluable brand recognition.
  • Promote Specials: Advertising in newspapers, local event calendars, and through social media is great but it’s fairly limited. Using your window space to promote upcoming specials and deals helps encourage customers to come into your store to inquire further. The most effective advertising campaigns combine mediums such as billboards and digital ads, so don’t forget about your windows!
  • Added Privacy: Floor to ceiling windows are amazing and can be just the thing you need to get through the workday but they aren’t always appropriate. A decorative window film could be the perfect solution to the problem of privacy or outside distractions. Be sure to ask us about window graphics that are transparent from your point of view but opaque to people outside.
  • Save On Permits: As most small businesses quickly learn, Fort Collins has fairly strict rules and regulations when it comes to signs. If you blatantly ignore the rules regarding store or business-front signage, you could receive a pretty hefty fine. Windows on the other hand are typically fair game. So, if you’d rather not read through the list of City signage rules consider using window graphics instead of signs or banners.
  • Placement Variety: Your front window is not the only place you can use a decal. In fact, you can place a decal on the company car to help build brand awareness or on mirrors of your business’ restrooms to share simple information like your Instagram handle or web address.

Over the years, window graphics have evolved from hard paint that you needed to scrape off with a putty knife into sleek, easy-to-use decals that are visually appealing. The team at Action Signs is more than happy to fill you in on all the options available when it comes to window graphics and guide you towards what will work for you business goals and budget. One major thing to keep in mind: sometimes simple is best.