5 Reasons Vinyl Signs and Outdoor Banners Are So Useful

While a big part of our business includes making permanent exterior signs for people, we also provide many of the vinyl signs and banners that you see on businesses and in public spaces throughout northern Colorado. (In fact, you can take a good look at some of our recent banners right here). We love seeing our exterior signs up on buildings for years on end, but the fact is that vinyl signs and banners have a very important place in the industry as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the times when you might want to go with a banner instead of a standalone sign.

Outdoor Signs and Banners Get Attention

There’s no doubt that outdoor banners can get the attention of passersby. Because they move in the wind, they take advantage of the human inclination to look at anything that’s moving, especially if it’s large. The powerful winds we have here in Colorado certainly help to keep banners moving, whether they’re hanging from an awning or stuck in the ground (banner flags).

Is there any downside to all of this attention? We can’t think of any. Outdoor banners not only deliver information to potential customers, but they also draw eyes to your storefront. They’re also getting your business name out there and letting people know where your business is if they need your services in the future.

Outdoor Banners Are Easy To Store

The same thing that makes banners so useful — the fact that they’re malleable and move easily — is also what makes them so easy to store.

If you have an outdoor banner that you only use temporarily, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to store than just about any other type of sign out there. All you have to do is roll them up and put them on a shelf or stand them in a corner. In most cases they’ll unroll the next time you need them no worse for wear. Try doing that with an aluminum sign!

But why put the outdoor banner away at all? Well, you might not want them up all the time…

Advertise Your Temporary Sales

Whether you’re a retail establishment or you provide a service to customers, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the occasional discount on what you offer. Sometimes these are one-time events, such as if you’re having a 1-year anniversary sale. But more often than not, your sales will be ones that you can bring back again and again. Holiday sales are an excellent example of a banner that you might use for two months and then put away for 10 months, only to hang up again.

You certainly don’t want your banners up all the time, and you don’t want to advertise a 25-percent off sale when you’re not having any sort of sale at all! When you have a sale that you might have again, all you have to do is put your outdoor banner away for a while.

Outdoor Banners Are Moveable

One of the advantages of having exterior signs and banners is that they are moveable. If you have a permanent sign in the green space of a strip mall and you find out that it’s there illegally, it’s going to take a lot to get it out of the ground. But if you have banner flags out along the road and someone complains that they’re distracting (or find out that they’re not allowed there by city ordinance), it’s easy to pull them up and get them back from the road a bit.

The same thing is true with banners that are placed under the awning of a business. If the owner of the building has a problem with your sign and points to a place in your lease showing it’s not allowed, it’s very easy to move a banner.

Outdoor Banners Are Versatile

When most people think of outdoor banners, they have a very limited idea of what they actually are. Yes, our sign shop can print the most common types of banners out there — such as over-the-door banners and banner flags that are inserted into the ground — but banners can be so much more than that. Banners can be large, small, vertical, or horizontal. They can be used indoors and out. They’re simply incredibly versatile.

Let Our Sign Shop Help You Draw Attention To Your Business!

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