Action Signs installs the highest quality hardware on the market provided by our manufacturing partner Optec. Optec provides the software and training so that you will be confident in the operation of and making changes to your digital message center.

Digital Signage provides endless opportunities!

Looking to help build brand awareness and catch the attention of new customers? Digital signs are the way to go! LED signs are the new and improved billboard, with full color screens that display back lit images to convey your business or company’s objective. These brightly colored displays bring a lively element to your design and message that helps you inform, educate, and communicate with your customers and the community around you daily.

Digital displays allow you to change your message quickly & as often as you would like.

Running a campaign that requires you to change your message/imagery often? No problem, with Optec’s digital message boards your advertising can be updated with ease while maintaining brand consistency across the board.

Optec’s digital displays offer auto programming.

Maybe you want to deliver a different message at different times throughout the day. With auto programming you can create a schedule that helps you reach your optimal audience at exactly the right time! As a retailer you can set an advertisement to run for specials or limited time offers and events. Own a restaurant? You can run lunch time or happy hour specials to attract those specific customers. Auto programming helps you create consistency with your advertising and brand.

Digital signs offer a solution to draw more attention from potential customers.

Today’s world is moving fast! Studies show that graphics and content in motion have a big impact in recall and retention.

Digital displays help you deliver your message at exactly the right time!

Le’s talk today to get your Electronic Message Center started

Using an electronic message center (EMC) for your business signage offers several benefits:

Dynamic Messaging

EMCs allow you to display dynamic, eye-catching messages, graphics, and animations that can attract more attention compared to static signs.

Remote Management

You can update your messages remotely, allowing for easy and quick changes to your signage without the need for manual labor or new physical materials.


Over time, EMCs can be more cost-effective than traditional signage, as you can update messages without incurring printing costs for new signs.

Increased Visibility

The bright and vibrant displays of EMCs make your business more visible, especially in low-light conditions or from a distance.

Targeted Messaging

You can schedule messages to display at specific times or target particular audiences, allowing for more effective communication of promotions, events, or information.

Environmental Benefits

Using digital signage reduces the need for paper-based signage, contributing to environmental sustainability.


EMCs can display a variety of content, including text, images, videos, and animations, making them versatile for different types of messaging needs.

Modern and Innovative Image

Using EMCs can give your business a modern and innovative image, which can appeal to customers looking for cutting-edge services or products.

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