Why We Recommend Commercial Decorative Window Film

We keep talking about decorative window film in our articles, and with good reason. As a marketing tool, it’s incredibly effective, as you’ve probably noticed from the many businesses in Fort Collins and along the Front Range that have decided to use it to their advantage. Huge grocery stores and small shops have all gotten on the bandwagon when it comes to commercial decorative window film.

But why now? Why have specialty decorative window films really caught on in just the last few years? Let’s take a look.

Commercial Decorative Window Film Is Looking Really Good

In the last few decades, printing has gotten amazingly good. If you think about what a typical department store used to look like, it was mostly small black and white signs. (If the signs came from corporate, they might have even been in color!) If a store wanted something on the front window, they’d just tape up a sign or hang a banner. For the time, it was fine.

But everything about printing has improved exponentially, from the programs we use for design to the inks we print with. Large-format printers that were only found in the largest cities in the country are now used in print shops like ours allowing anyone to get amazing custom signs, trade show displays, banners, and, of course, decorative window film. The level of detail is simply much higher than it has ever been. In short, decorative glass film just looks really good, and it keeps getting better all the time.

They Don’t Peel As Easily

Another great aspect of commercial decorative window film is that it doesn’t peel like window films of the past. The adhesives of old films just weren’t good enough to hold them in place for long, especially with the heat, UV rays, and temperature changes they had to hold up to. Once they started to peel, there was little stopping them. Of course, even an upturned corner was enough for someone with the inclination to go ahead and finish the job, tearing off chunks.

Which bring us to…

They Don’t Tear As Easily

Thanks to the latest materials used in decorative window films put up on business windows, they’re not going to tear as much as older materials. Not only is the film tougher, but it also holds up to UV radiation better. That means that, even if it does start to peel, the entire image won’t be ruined.

They’re Big Enough

The fact is, window film of the past was often pretty small. You had a choice: either make your image just a couple of feet wide, or print out multiple panels and putting them up. Then one panel would fall down and the image would look silly or the call to action would be useless.

Today, large format printers at our sign shop can create large images that cover entire window panes. Yes, they still have to go up in panels sometimes (like if we’re decorating the exterior of the Budweiser Events Center), but because the panels are bigger the final result will be much more attractive.

The Bubbles Are Minimized

If you’ve ever put on your own window film, whether you’ve darkened the windows of your car or you are sealing up your home’s windows for the winter, you’ve probably found out how difficult it is to keep the bubbles out. Even cell phone screen plastic can be very difficult to put on without having distracting bubbles form.

Thanks to the modern commercial window film options and the expert installers we have here at our print shop, bubbles have never been less of a problem. We’ll make sure your film looks great when it goes up.

What About Window Painting?

We’re certainly not going to disparage window painters. For decades they’ve been putting their art on windows here in northern Colorado, creating interesting window images for everything from pizza places to video stores to card shops.

But as unique as their job is, they just can’t compare with the level of detail that decorative window film can provide. While window painters can be excellent at bulbous lettering and exaggerated cartoon characters, they simply can’t create photorealistic images. If you own a hair salon, there isn’t much that a window painter can do for you when it comes to accurate representations of hairstyles. Logos can create another problem, because they often have to be recreated in fine detail to adhere to a business’ marketing rules.

With commercial window films, you can get the exact image you’re looking for so that your customers will see something that truly entices them in.

Our Print Shop Can Help!

There are many reasons that our customers use window film. Security film is used as a means of deterring theft, UV film is used to prevent fading of furniture, and tinted film is for knocking down the amount of light and heat that enter a room. Frosted window film is a great way to provide some privacy in an office or to block off unsightly areas outside the building (i.e. alleys or dumpsters).

But while all of those are great, they don’t add any visual interest, and that’s where decorative window film comes in. Decorative window film can be used on the storefront windows as an advertising feature, or it can be used indoors for completely decorative purposes. Interested to find out what we can do for you? Contact Action Signs today!




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