Yeah, we know, myths about lighted business signs might not be as fun as, say, an article like “5 Myths About the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” but hey, you’re the one who stopped by for a blog about signs. And we find this stuff interesting, so you might too! Read on to find out more about outdoor business signs than you might want to know.

MYTH: “Red And Generic” Is The Best Choice

One of the cheapest options in lighted business signs are the basic channel letter signs that have easy-to-read red letters that are lit from within. Sometimes these letters are the name of the business, while other times it’s the most basic representation of what the shop sells (usually something like “Pizza” or “Chinese Food.”) There’s very little customization.

While these kinds of outdoor business signs are a cost-effective choice, they’re seldom the best choice when a company is trying to stand out in the crowd. After all, that kind of signage can just blend in with so many other signs in the same strip mall. It’s usually better to customize in some way in order to make your business more recognizable.

MYTH: “Red And Generic” Is a Bad Choice

On the other hand, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the most basic channel letter signs. First of all, they’re one of the cheapest ways to get your business’ name up in lights. Second, the person you’re leasing building space from might require all signage to be the same, so you might not have a choice in custom signs. Finally, the basic red letters are one of the easiest signs out there to read, and being lit from within makes sure your business is seen at night.

MYTH: Logos Have To Be Included

If you take a look at our portfolio of exterior signs, you’re going to see quite the variety of outdoor business signs. Some are above stripmall awnings, others are on side walls. Some are lit from within, others from behind, and still others from below.

There’s another big difference, and that’s the use of logos. When it comes to putting a logo on an outdoor sign, there are basically three options:

  • Replicate the logo as faithfully as possible and include it in the exterior sign
  • Simplify the logo and include it on the exterior sign
  • Exclude the logo entirely and use it in other places (such as a window film)

Which is the best option? We can’t really say until we talk to you directly and discuss your logo. How important is it to you to have it on the sign? Does its shape necessitate a custom-designed sign fabrication? Are you willing to have the logo simplified? We’ll certainly work with you in order to find you the best option for your lighted business sign.

MYTH: Signs Have To Be Lit From Within

Now don’t get us wrong, because we completely believe in a sign being lit even if you don’t do business at night. (And considering that it gets dark here along the Front Range at around 4:30 on the shortest day of the year, nearly every business is doing business after dark.) After all, a lighted sign lets people know about your business at any time of day or night, and can be an excellent reminder of where your building is if they ever need to utilize your services.

But outdoor business signs don’t always have to be lit from within. Some are better if they are lit from behind, so that the sign has a really cool glow all around it. Others can make use of exterior lighting to shine on it, which can prevent problems if half the sign goes out. We may very well suggest that you have your sign wired so that the lights are on the inside, but if you have another idea we’d be happy to help you make it happen.

MYTH: An Outdoor Business Sign Is All You Need

There’s no doubt that an outdoor business sign is, perhaps, the most important type of signage you need. Not only does it help customers find your business, but it also works as one of your primary forms of advertising.

But your need for large-format advertising along the front range can’t end there. After you have your lighted business sign, consider the following highly effective forms of getting information to your potential customers.

  • Commercial Window Film – Window film and outdoor business signs go hand-in-hand. While your primary sign is there to deliver very little information (usually just the name of the business or a broad view of what it provides), window film on the windows or doors can give customers all the information you want. It usually starts with the name of the business and a high-resolution logo, followed by hours of operation, telephone numbers, and the website address.
  • Outdoor Banners and Signs – The movement of banners is a great way to draw potential customers’ attention, usually for short-term sales. Outdoor signs, such as sidewalk sandwich signs, are another excellent way of grabbing attention and letting people know what’s going on in your store today.
  • Vehicle Wraps – Advertising doesn’t just have to be limited to your storefront. But having your vehicle wrapped — whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, boat, motorcycle, trailer, or fleet vehicle — acts as a form of advertising when your vehicle is in the parking lot and when it’s on the road.
  • Interior Signs – Interior signs can be a great way to brand the inside of your business. A custom sign behind the front desk is an excellent way to impress customers, clients, partners, and even the employees themselves.
  • Trade Show Displays – Not every business goes to trade shows, but those that do know just how important trade show displays can be. Trade show banners and displays have to stand out in a crowded space, which means finding a sign shop to help you design the most effective one possible.
  • Wall Coverings – Wall coverings are a low-cost means of putting high-quality graphics on your walls. Whether you’re looking for abstract designs or colorful photos, wall coverings are a great way to decorate a space in a short amount of time…no painting required!

Don’t Fall For The Myths!

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about business signs, and the best way to clear everything up is to talk to the professionals at a sign shop. Here at Action Signs, we provide many of the signs you’ll see driving around Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, and all along the Front Range. Give our sign shop a call today to get the process started!