Okay, we’re going to go ahead and spoil this article for you. When asking whether your company sign should be freestanding or on the building, the answer is almost always “Both.” You should have your business sign in as many places as possible so that people will never wonder where they should go when looking for your business. If you have a freestanding building, put a sign on all four sides and a freestanding one outside your front door.

We’re not just saying that because we’re a sign shop in Fort Collins. Sure, we want your business, but we want your business to succeed. To do that, you really need to make sure that your customers can find you. Let’s take a look at the times when you might need a freestanding sign to go with your outdoor business sign.

It Depends on Trees and Other Obstructions

We love trees, we truly do. As ugly (or, to put it in a nicer way, utilitarian) as a typical strip mall is, we love it when the trees put in the parking lot get nice and big and actually start shading the cars that park there.

But as trees grow, they can make it more difficult for people to find your business. Not only will they have a harder time finding you from the parking lot as they’re driving around, but they will also have a harder time seeing you from the street and knowing which strip mall to turn into. A freestanding sign can be an excellent way to ensure that potential customers have a better chance of seeing you as they drive past. If the property manager allows, make sure to put one at the entrance of your building’s parking lot.

(You know what? Trees can also obscure stop signs at a corner, which sometimes causes the city to put in “Stop Ahead” signs. Think of your freestanding outdoor sign as being a Stop Ahead At My Business sign!)

It Depends on Location

There are some business signs that just can’t win. They might be behind the trees we mentioned above, or they could be hidden far back in the corner of the shopping center. They might even be blocked by buildings that were built.

If your business sign is simply in a bad location and you can’t find see it as you’re driving by the front of the building, you should definitely invest in freestanding outdoor signs. Some nice banners in the window couldn’t hurt either.

It Depends on Permanence

Not every company sign is the same. For instance, most businesses will invest in a nice lighted sign that’s a permanent fixture on the front of the building. Others will invest in freestanding signs (often directional signs) that point customers toward their business; these signs are often permanent and secured with concrete.

But not every outdoor sign has to be permanent. Sandwich board signs are an excellent example of a sign that can identify the business and be brought in at night. These are an excellent way of letting both pedestrians and people in cars know what the business is if the big sign above is hidden by a canopy or overhang. Other types of outdoor signs might only be up for a short time as part of a promotion; if it brings in more customers, the cost is worth it even if it’s used for only a little while.

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