Did you know that the World of Concrete has been a trade show for the concrete industry since 1975 and today draws more than 55,000 people to Las Vegas?

Probably not. Unless you’re one of those 55,000 people going, you really have no interest in such things. But those 55,000 people are going to be walking past more than 1,500 booths, and nearly every one of those booths is going to have trade show banners made up for them. That’s because each of them is going to be competing for a piece of the multi-billion dollar concrete pie (which is real stick-to-your-ribs food).

Of course, this blog isn’t about concrete trade show displays. There are thousands of conventions that go on every year, which means hundreds of thousands of vendors who are in need of trade show banner and displays. And that means countless options when it comes to the type of displays and the design that goes into them. So, whether you’re selling a new stamped concrete method or are heading a brewer’s convention, showing at a local bazaar or a writer’s gathering to sell your self-published book, you’re going to need a trade show display. Let’s look into them a little bit more and some of the attributes they need to have.

It Has To Be Eye Catching

No matter what you are trying to sell or deliver information about, you need to first get people’s attention. At most trade shows you will be competing with hundreds of other booths to gain a few fleeting seconds of a potential customer’s attention. At this point, it becomes a competition among those who have hired the best design and printing services to draw people in. Go ahead, ask us who you should use. (It’s us. Action Signs. Nice to meet you.)

There’s a catch, though. Depending on the client, making something eye-catching can be easy. Other times this isn’t so easy, because…

Displays Should Tie The Brand Together

One of the most difficult parts of creating trade show displays is making them eye-popping while still sticking to the brand. A company might be more subdued in their usual marketing, but such subtlety won’t do when trying to get people’s attention at a convention. Therein lies the challenge.

We’ve worked with many companies who can’t take the “bright oranges and iridescent pinks” approach, because it wouldn’t fit in with their brand. Insurance companies and banks tend to use blues more than anything because blue is a color that instills trust and suggest security. Conversely, blue might not gather the most eyeballs. Our sign shop can work with anyone in order to make their business stand out while still adhering to established branding.

They Need To Be Easy To Carry

If you plan to take the trade show banners and displays with you, you’ll want them to be small enough to handle easily. This might mean simply ordering a size that’s able to fit into your car. Or, if you plan to check them in with your luggage, they need to be able to meet certain requirements for checked baggage. We can work with you in order to satisfy your most-common traveling needs.

Similarly, the banners need to be easy to carry even if you’re having them shipped directly to the convention center. While you might not be carrying them through the airport, you’ll still need to get them through the hotel and across the convention floor. When it’s all done, you might have to get it back to your hotel room before shipping it back. All this to say, you don’t want there to be more material than there needs to be in a trade show display.

It Should Be Easy To Set Up

In some cases, a business might have hours to set up before the convention center opens and the trade show begins. In this case, it really doesn’t matter how easy a trade show display is to set up, except that it might take time away from hobnobbing with the other vendors.

But what if your flight was delayed by a couple of hours and you’re rushing to the convention center? What if you overslept and suddenly you have half the time to set up your trade show display? It’s at times like this that you want to make sure your banners and table dressings are as easy to set up as possible.

Whether you’re setting up your display at a career fair here in Northern Colorado and are trying to find new employees, or you’re flying to a different country to make new connections and take the latest concrete secrets around the globe, our print shop can get you the trade show materials that will turn heads and get the word out. Work with Action Signs to get the best available!