No doubt you’ve seen a new business in a strip mall that has strung an outdoor banner across the storefront. The sign from the previous tenant has been removed, and instead of immediately putting up their own lighted business sign they’ve decided to go the easier — and admittedly cheaper — route of using an outdoor banner to show the public the name of the new business.

So, as a longtime local sign shop in Fort Collins, what do we think of this? After all, our previous two blogs have been all about the importance making an outdoor lighted sign a priority. So what’s our opinion of using a banner?

The Times Businesses Use Banners

There are a few reasons why a business might employ a banner instead of getting a new custom light-up sign designed and built immediately.

Some Business Are Testing the Waters

We understand why a company might choose a banner over an outdoor lighted sign when they first open their doors. Some people have owned many businesses over the years and have had many fail, hoping that one day they’ll find a business that sticks. Good for them! But they also know that their current endeavors might be temporary, and paying to have a new exterior lighted sign put up isn’t something they’re interested in until they find out if the business is going to be fruitful.

Signs Take Time

Sometimes a business is on the fast track and it might be open before a permanent outdoor sign can be created. If that’s the case, a company might order a banner from us in the meantime while they wait for us to finish their custom sign.

The Old Sign Goes Away

Sometimes a company might be in the middle of a name or log change, and other times the original sign might be destroyed due to high winds or vandalism. If the old sign has gone away for some reason, we can bridge the gap with a high-quality outdoor banner.

Upgrade To A Lighted Business As Soon As Possible

In general, we understand using an outdoor banner…temporarily. But as soon as the business has proven to be viable, we think it’s an important reason to upgrade from a banner to an outdoor illuminated sign as soon as possible. Why?

Banners Make The Business Feel Temporary

Having a temporary sign can make the business itself feel temporary. You don’t want the public to think that you’re some fly-by-night operation, one that will give you food poisoning today and not be there tomorrow. A permanent outdoor sign makes your business feel like it’s part of the community.

A Banner Can’t Light Up

One of the advantages that a permanent outdoor sign can deliver is that it can be backlit or lighted from within, giving a business advertising even at night. It’s a way to draw attention and let potential customers find it when it’s dark. Banners just sit there in the dark and make it hard to find a business.

Banners and Ropes Can Fray

We hesitate to bring this up, because we don’t want anyone thinking that Action Signs is offering shoddy banners. But the fact is, Colorado weather can be harsh on vinyl banners, and even the best will succumb to the elements after a while. Freezing temperatures, high-intensity UV rays, and strong winds will eventually tear apart even the strongest banners out there. Ropes can also fail, meaning that the banner can flap uselessly in the wind…making a business look bad.

Come To Action Signs For You Custom Signs

Whether you need a temporary banner or are ready to get that outdoor illuminated sign taken care of, Action Signs is ready to help you get the name of your business out there. Contact us to get the project started.