First impressions are everything. Especially at a trade show you want to make the best first impression and a good display can help you. A well-designed trade show booth can catch someone’s attention during that split-second when they decide whether to keep walking or stop to talk to you.

Remember, the best exhibit is memorable. We’ve put together some tips to help you succeed when considering your next trade show display and exhibit area:

Plan Ahead

Start thinking about your booth as soon as you register for the show. The truth is, large-scale print jobs (and something as important as this) can take 2-4 weeks to print and deliver. Even working with the design team at Action Signs, you’ll need to allow enough time to finalize the artwork well in advance. Planning ahead will help alleviate that stress of typos or blunders that might be missed when rushed.

Keep Important Messaging Large, Concise and High

It’s almost a no-brainer but important to remember: keeping important information above the waist ensures that it is visible and comfortable to read without having to strain. Make sure to keep your company logo up high so there is absolutely no room for confusion as to whose booth it is.

Do not treat your trade show display is an information sheet – no one wants to read more than is necessary. Do your best to keep things short and sweet; condense your message down to a few impactful headlines or bullet points, typically sized so it is legible from a distance.

If you have a number of elements to your trade show display, make sure to keep the look and feel consistent across the board. Speaking of branding…

Keep It Consistent

Stick to your brand standards throughout all of our signage and promotional materials (even swag). This helps to solidify your brand and makes you look more professional. When everything is a different color, it tends to look like a rush job. Some things we consider when designing a trade show display are:

  • Use of minimal colors with an accent color
  • A maximum of 2 different fonts (typically header & paragraph)
  • Consistent materials (i.e. wood, metal, glass, etc.)

Consider Logistics

As any trade show veterans will tell you, it is vital to avoid over-packing your booth with furniture and unnecessary items. In the madness of the show, you’ll want to keep your booth tidy and inviting – leaving just enough room for viewers to interact with you comfortably.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Nothing will catch an attendee’s eye like something that looks great so be sure to set your brand apart from the rest with a clean, professional design. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Set a budget when looking for a display and include the design fee associated
  • Avoid loud graphics and gradients that make your display look busy or gaudy
  • Use high resolution images and size the type correctly to avoid any pixilation
  • Design visual lines and graphics to lead the eye to the most important message

When your display is strong, it sets the tone for a successful booth exhibit as a whole. The team at Action Signs is here to help you design and execute your next trade show display to set you on the path for success!