Vinyl film, the workhorse of many print shops, can be produced as either a cast or calendered film.  The basic ingredients are the same, but the manufacturing process and type of plasticizers used result in significant differences.

Cast films are considered the industry premium.  These films start in a liquid state with the ingredients blended together and then poured onto a casting sheet. The casting process produces a thin gauge film—usually 1- to 2-mil thick. By casting film on a sheet, the film stays in a more relaxed state, resulting in a durable, flexible, conformable and dimensionally stable film that retains color well.  These films are ideal for complex surfaces such as vehicles and where a smooth finished look is expected. Please contact an Action Signs Fort Collins specialist to help you find the right material for your application! Call  970-690-0795. Part 2 in this blog will explain our Calendered vinyls  in detail.

vinyl cast vs calendared