Getting ready to roll out a banner to promote your business or event? Great idea. Action Signs can help you make one that’ll make a splash. Before you dream up your order, though, make sure it meets code regulations for businesses in your area.

Indian-highway-signFirst thing’s first: No matter where you live, banners are meant to be temporary signage. If you’re thinking about cutting corners and making do with a banner instead of a permanent sign, think again. You’ll also need to find a place on your business to place the sign: Fort Collins and Loveland prohibit “off-site” banners. Finally, you’ll need to receive a banner permit from your city.

Fort Collins

  • Permits: Permits are free and you may apply for them over the phone at 970.416.2745 or in person at the City’s Development Center Review at 281 N. College Ave.
  • Duration: Fort Collins businesses may display a banner for up to 20 days a year. Businesses in their first year of operation and nonprofits may display banners for an additional 20 days each year.
  • Size: Banners can not exceed 40 square feet in area.
  • Hanging: Banners must be secured to buildings, vehicles or the ground.


  • Permits: Permits may be downloaded and emailed to or submitted at the Development Center at 410 E. 5th Street
  • Duration: Loveland businesses may display a banner for up to 60 days a calendar year, but each permit is only valid for up to 15 days. Businesses may apply for consecutive permit periods.
  • Size: Banners may not exceed 100 square feet in area
  • Hanging: All banners must be in contact with a business wall and may not flap, extend beyond the wall or be affixed to additional support structures.


  • Permits: Permits may be downloaded and emailed to
  • Duration: Businesses may display banners for up to 60 days per calendar year.
  • Size: Banners may not be larger than 45 square feet in area, an no larger than 3 feet tall by 15 feet wide.
  • Hanging: Banners must be mounted flush against your building. Banners may not be mounted between columns, on latticework other architectural features.