FONTS! I love fonts although they can make or break your design project.

 If done tastefully one can utilize multiple type faces in a design and make it look very unique. Typically in the large format print industry that type of design doesn’t fall under our umbrella effective mobile marketing.

 Why? In our industry most of our final product is being viewed from a distance or at a traveling speed. Thus readability and impact are superior to super creative design styles. Mobile advertising ie: vehicle wraps, graphics, banners, store front signs, billboard and bench advertising all have about 3-5 seconds for impact. So as you can imagine clarity is key. I have been known to utilize multiple fonts in the same family which can be effective and looks very clean from a distance or up close.

 Font Family? There are many different types of fonts I will start with the basics Serif, Sans Serif and Script.

Serif: one if the short lines near the top and bottom of the long parts of some printed letters

Sans Serif: a group of typefaces that do not have short lines across the top and bottom of the long parts of the letters.

Script: a type face in which all the letters in a word are connected to each other.

We tend to stick to the basics in large format print and design as I stated above readability is key! Hopefully this was helpful input for font’s choices you may use when creating mobile advertising for your company.

– Creative Branding Liaison, DRIVE YOUR MARKET.