In a recent blog, we discussed the many ways that decorative window films can help your business. Commercial window films can be an excellent conveyor of information to customers walking by, and they can also act as wayfinding signs for anyone looking to enter your building. The large, inviting images you choose in your custom window films can help to draw customers in, and they’re so affordable that you can also use them short-term for specific sales. They can even be used inside to advertise or to delineate space. In short, this window film is so versatile that you’ll want to use it (as well as wall wraps) just about everywhere in your business.

But as useful as they can be for your business, there have to be downsides, right? Not really. In fact, decorative window films are incredibly practical. Here’s why.

Films Are Easy to Switch Out

Commercial window films have gotten better and better over the years, lasting for much longer than their vinyl ancestors. Specialty window films can last for years and be considered a permanent sign for your business.

But window film doesn’t have to be permanent, and in fact some of it is meant to be up for just a short amount of time. Advertisements don’t usually stay up for long, nor do window films that are promoting events. We’ve put up many commercial decorative window films that are intentionally removed just a month later, but during that time they certainly grab the attention of everyone who sees them.

They Consolidate Your Message

Some businesses thrive on their messy nature. Walk through Old Town Fort Collins and there are some places, such as theaters and music shops, that just love to plaster their front windows (and indeed their entire store) with signs, posters, advertisements, and tons of other ephemera. Even a coffee shop can take advantage of this if they want to be the hub for “roommate wanted” signs on their community bulletin board.

In most cases, though, businesses want to present the most professional image possible. This means keeping things clean and uncluttered, and that includes the front windows. But too many businesses still have a messy storefront. They’ll have professionally printed signs and vinyl banners, plastic hours-of-operation signs, handwritten signs that tell customers about holiday closures, a sticker for Top Rated Local, and a black and white “visit us at:” website address printed out from the office copier. It starts to look like a website from 1997!

All of this simply looks messy, especially when it’s outward-facing and the first thing that a potential customer sees. Decorative glass film can solve most of these problems by presenting all of this information in a clean, professional manner. Our sign shop can help you design decorative film that delivers the information in the most concise and pleasing way. Keep it clean around the customers!

Let The Light In

One of the biggest advantages of using decorative window films is that they can let more light in than traditional methods such as cardstock signs and vinyl banners. While you have lights inside the store, they should be supplemental during the day and not make customers feel it’s dark outside just because they walked into your store.

If you’re putting commercial window film on your front windows, it’s important to work with a sign shop so that you can get both the image and the amount of light you need in your store. We’ll advise you on the best type of decorative window film to use so that your shop doesn’t feel like a tomb just because you wanted to make it look nicer!

Increase Your Customer’s Privacy

As we were just discussing, specialty decorative window films can advertise for you while still letting light in. But they can also provide privacy customers desire (while still letting light in).

With most businesses, you want people to be able to look inside. Retail is like this. But for certain services, people don’t really want to be on display. Salons are an excellent example, because as nice as it can be to look outside to people watch, those people can also look in when people’s hair is not in a presentable condition. Luckily, window films can deliver both privacy and natural light at the same time.

Let Our Sign Shop Get You What You Need!

With all of the advantages that decorative glass film has to offer, it’s easy to see why so many businesses use it on their storefronts. No matter if you’re advertising a short-term event or if you want it to remain in place for years, custom-made window film can be a great boon to your business.

The good thing is, you’ve got the professionals on your side. Our sign shop and printing services can help you design something that will fit in your window perfectly. We’ll convey the information you want your customers to know about, whether it’s by using images, text, or a combination of both. We’ll print it right here in Fort Collins and install it no matter where you are along Northern Colorado’s Front Range. Contact us today to get the best service available!