Want a new, innovative way to advertise your business and build your brand? Truck wraps are a great way to get your business name out all over your community. Truck wraps cover up and protect your vehicle’s paint job, while advertising your business. Action Signs and Banners can create a custom truck wrap to help you stand apart from the competition. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of vinyl wraps.

Amount of exposure

You drive your truck all around town — to work, meetings, the grocery store — and with a vinyl wrap you can advertise your company everywhere you go. At work? You can park it near the street where you will get maximum exposure. Running errands? Every time you stop at a light or when you park at the store; you’re showing off your business. You don’t have to pay premium rates to get the best advertising spot. Essentially, you are driving around a mobile billboard that advertises your business.


Branding is essential to running a successful business. Getting your logo and business name out there is one of the most important business moves you can make. When you invest in a truck wrap — you are investing in your brand. The more times a potential customer sees your logo or name, the more comfortable they become with doing business with you. 

Branding is all about building trust between you and your future customers. When a customer sees you driving around town frequently, they recognize you as a part of their community. Truck wraps are an excellent way to create brand awareness. Once you invest in a vehicle wrap, you will constantly be building your brand without putting in much extra effort. Keep your truck visible, and your brand will take off. Let Action Signs and Banners create a truck wrap for you that will build your brand. 

Targets your local market

It’s important for businesses to target the correct market. When it comes to truck wraps you will automatically be targeting potential customers in your local area where the majority of your business is likely to come from. You want to ensure that your truck is visible to prospective customers by parking in high traffic areas and driving through busy parts of town — especially where there are traffic lights. This will essentially park your business sign right at a busy intersection where the maximum amount of people are likely to see it. With a truck wrap you don’t have to strategize about how to target your local area or surrounding areas — Just drive around and do your daily business — and you will be advertising to the local demographic. Live in Fort Collins? Contact Action Signs and Banners to start designing your truck wrap today!

Cost Effective

Compared to outdoor signs and billboards, truck wraps cost significantly less and produce a similar outcome.  Additionally, outdoor signs and billboards can be difficult or impossible to move. With a truck wrap you will be driving your outdoor sign all around town. 

Those high traffic areas that charge an arm and a leg to post your sign — you can drive right through and advertise to the same large audience for free. If you want to target a particular demographic within your town, like residential areas or a business park, simply take a drive. You can invest less in a truck wrap and get better results than a billboard or sign that simply sits in the same place every day. 

Wraps Protect your Truck 

While truck wraps are wonderful advertising tools, they also come with the added benefit of protecting the body of your truck. Your vehicle will have a protective layer over its paint job, so as long as you have it installed by a trusted, reputable company — you can say goodbye to new scratches and scrapes. A truck wrap is not only a great advertising investment, but it’s also a great option to protect your vehicle.

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